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I have been prescribed Amantadine 100mg by the consultant. He says it will help with my fatigue problems. However reading up on it, it appears to do the same as Requip which I am already taking (10mg) any one out there have experience of Amantadine? All thoughts welcome. I get exhausted just being awake. Ha ha!:fearful:
I have been on amantadine for almost 2 years without any problems, combined with mirapex. One or both of them has had a positive effect on the tremor in my hands (pretty much not noticeable unless I am stressed). I am lucky, no negative side effects with either drug. Initially, I was on amantadine alone and it quelled my tremor somewhat but it was the addition of the mirapex that stopped it altogether.

One benefit, since amantadine is an anti-viral, maybe I won't get the flu this winter!