Does anyone else get what I call brain flicks? It is a sensation that someone has flicked your brain inside your skull which causes everything to momentarily jump sideways. I had these about two years ago for about a month then nothing until a month ago when they returned. I get an average of two a day. Not sure if they are a PD symptom or maybe a viral thing?
Hi Janech,

This sounds very like one of my symptoms before dx two and a half years ago and more recently. I've tend to think of it as my "what was that? symptom or a misfire because its so fleeting. The neuro did not seem all that concerned even when I said that although lately it had only happened two or three times, on two occasions other people noticed me sway momentarily and asked if I was all right which of course I was. He said it was to do with (I forget the technical term)the system whereby the body maintains its posture or in this case momentarily loses it.
i think me too - its hard to compare. now and then, usually before falling asleep i get a 'bzzzzz' like an electric current across my brain - its so hard to describe i've never bothered before, though it is disconcerting. not sure if flick and buzz are the same. doctors are rarely interested in things they can't measure or see.
I too get an odd sensation in my head. sometimes several times a day. I have tried to describe it to my neuro but he tells me it is a side effect of the meds. unlikely bearing in mind I was getting it long before Dx when i was not on meds. I told him that but he was not listening.(probably didn't fit into his idea of what was wrong, therefore ignore)
In brief as I understand it, these sort of sensations are due to synapses occurring where the insulation aspect in cell walls have thinned to the extent that neighbouring cells are effected by an overload or a more powerful synapse due to 'bottle necking' as I describe in DPS

My neurologist prescribed Azilect to assist and guard against events described as 'popping type sensations'.

I also take Coconut Oil on a regular basis as I understand and benefit from its medium-chain fatty acids or medium-chain triglycerides (MCT)as they are known. It certainly appears to assist in maintaining the cell wall insulation properties. And I wish this oil was on the prescription list as a medicine, as it is quite expensive.

I hope this helps.

Only to add (especially if you have now read the DPS bit)I have also found that doing exercises to reduce the 'bottle necking' aspect in the nervous system is also a great help.