Healthy Diet

Hi I`m really struggling to eat a healthy diet. I used to be really good - eating lots of salad, veg and fruit. I would have the occasional chocolate bar and loved biscuits but had will power. Things changed over the past year, i left my job and started working from home (because of pd) and have become a serious chocoholic. I can`t get enough, even after a large meal i will raid the cupboards even resorting to cooking chocolate. My sweet tooth is not the only problem i also crave salty food- crisps - i could live on them! I am taking Requip slow release and have read it can cause addictions - but chocolate?!:rolling_eyes: any one else with the same problem?

Please help before i match my name!

Also i have read diet can help pd, what does/does not help food wise? i hope someone can give me some suggestions please!

Big C :confused:
Hi Big C
the chocolate effectis well known, I started a conversation on azilect and choccies a few weeks ago. the responses seemed to indicate that requip was particularly strong on chocolate craving. i put on a LOT of weight. trouble is it really does give you a boost.
i think you have pointed out a previuosly overlooked problem with salt - i ended up with edema (water retention). in the last week i cut back on salt and lost 2 litres of water (going by the weight change of 2kg). i didnt realise how sick it was making me. personally i think the extra salt is much more dangerous that the chocolate.
the main issue with diet is probably the effect of protein on levadopa but that doesnt affect requip.
i am now very careful about hidden salt (processed meat, bread, breakfast cereal, chinese food, pizzas ie all the good stuff). if you want sweet stuff dried fruit is better (also solve constipation!).
i also believe you need to get plenty of potassium and magnesium- bananas, nuts,fresh veggies.
diet definitely makes a big difference to how you feel and cope with pd.
ps this might be frowned upon, but you could try allowing yourself 2 small bars of chocolate a day but have them instead of other snacks instead of being additional.
Thanks turnip some good advice.

I think it`s all about moderation, i`ll try the nut and dried fruit approach, Mmm nuts in chocolate...... sorry i`m obsessed!

To be serious i will take on board your suggestions.
Could I suggest that you would find it enlightening to Google, sugar/dopamine. What to do about it? The only suggestion I have is to try only having 80% plus chocolate(Lindt make a good one) or go cold turkey.You may give yourself a migrane if you eat too much 80%, be warned.
Hi Big C

Me too love chocolate soooo much at the moment, it never bothered me before. Also water retention has started.

Thanks Turnip also for the advice .
PB x
Did someone mention chocolate? I have been known to get up in the early hours and search the house for chocolate. Have found a mug of drinking chocolate helps here and also aids sleeping. Unfortunately does not help weight gain but since dx have stopped drinking wine so tell myself that is less calories.
Hi Big C
Requip often creates obsessions/ compulsions.
My husband suffered terribly and his/our life was ruined.
His addiction to chocolate was the least of our worries but he lost all the weight gained when he was taken off Requip.
Watch out for more dangerous compulsions. They are not all as easily put right.
Take care.
I gave up alcohol and caffeine and just had the odd choc. but still felt bad. The meds were wearing off too soon. Then I heard about the Protein effect and stopped eating meatfor a few days .What a difference! I feel heaps better.Now I only eat very little meat with evening meal, and eat mostly vegetarian. I still have to watch out for protein in other foods but it is worth the effort so far.
Well at last i`ve found a replacement for chocolate - dried fruit! I`m trying really hard to resist the scrummy melt in the mouth brown stuff - it`s so hard.!!

To be serious i have cut down by eating dried fruit and allowing myself the occasional drinking chocolate. I also have been eating lots of salad and must admit i`m feeling better.

Non one told me 3 years ago when i was put on meds about what side effects to expect. It seems the longer i`m taking them the more i`m noticing things - is this normal?!

The next addiction will be dried cranberries - thanks Reqip!! :rolling_eyes:

Big C
Try to cultivate a taste for serious chocolate Big C (at least 70% cocoa solids) then you will lose your craving for sweet, sugary stuff.
You could also try raw chocolate. It's more expensive but is actually good for you and has no sugar in it. It's also very easy to make. Google it.