Hearing aids and pd

Hi everyone

I am just new to this site and have an unusual problem. I recently developed a slurred speach and i wear 2 hearing aids and i have noticed my slurred speach dissapeares when i remove them has anyone have the same problem or any information of why this is happening ? I would welcome any information

thanks brian
Hi There ,I would like to explain a little more than I did last evening,about my prblem,II have Parkinsons and also wear 2 hearing aids,as the day goes on my speech becomes slurred,as soon as I take my aids out ,my speech comes back to normal.My nurse cant explain this ,and I am trying to see consultants,Parkinsons and Audiology,but not getting anywhere fast,Is there an answer to this problem,which is a bit of a worry to me as I need to use aids to keep my job.Grateful for any of your thoughts,if not thanks for reading. Brian.
Hi Brian
I wear 2 hearing aids too. When I'm feeling below par my speech becomes slurred & I mumble. This is accompanied by the left side of my face going slightly numb & appearing to drop, with the left side of my mouth becoming still & inoperative. Almost like someone having a stroke! Neither my GP or my Parkinsons Specialist can understand why this happens & although my wife & I have analysed all the symptoms we cannot explain it either.
I will try removing my hearing aids next time it happens & will report back if there is any difference.
Sorry I cant give you anything more positive.

Hi colin,thanks for getting back to me ,when your speech is slurred next time take your aids out ,and after say a few mins ,say the alphabet ,I can say the alphabet clearly at speed,hope this works for you too.let me know how you get on. Brian.
Hi Brian
Tried that & there doesn't appear to any difference or improvement.
I guess it's a fact that we all react differently to the various symptoms & there is no simple cure-all solution!
Sorry I can't be more help but I don't think my hearing aids make any difference to the speech - in or out.

Keep smiling.
kind regards.
Hi Colin,Thanks for letting me know how you got on.As you say there are no
two cases the same. Iam ooff to Norway next two weeks ,and might be going
further north To the edge of the Artic,It is what my son wants to go as he lives
in Norway,me thinks it might be tooo cold to smile Colin,you keep smiling to.
perhaps there is a tiny delay in the feedback through the hearing aids. this would interfere with the control of muscles by the parts of the brain affected by pd which act as a sort of time controllers for movement corrections.
what happens if you only have one hearing aid in and speak loudly enough so you can hear with the un-aided ear?
Hi There,Thanks for your input,I was just discussing that theory with my wife on our way to work this very morning,come home, and there was your reply,
Although 2 aids are better,I feel you are on the right track.If I could get a consultant Parkinsons or Audoligist to tell me .If I could get away with 1 good aid,it might stop slurring speech.I wil keep you informed,and thanks again.
Hi There, Just to let you know how my hearing aids and parkinsons are working out ;It works for me when my speech is slurred I tske of my aids and my speech comes back to normal.Audiology says it is not possible ,but I know what works for me ,and they have given me an appt in a couple of weeks.What gets me is that when you are told you have Parkinsons,they also tell you that no two cases are the same,but reckon what I say is wrong ,but when my workmates say my speech is slurred I just take of my aids and speech comes back to normal,but then I struggle to hear people talking.I will keep you informed. Brian.
ironic that audiology won't listen.
Hi To You Too.
Sorry for any confusion, Sky. (That's what sometimes happens when your reply appears on a separate page.) It's just that I had to smile at Turnip's comment about Audiology, but, unfortunately, smilies don't always do the trick! :flushed:
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My husband wears needs a hearing aid for his left ear but at the moment it isnt working . He hasnt worn it for a while anf I got so fed up and stressed having to repeat myself that I thought I would try him with wearing the defunct aid and so stopping him using that ear at all . .. I can't believe the difference he seems to be managing to hear me much better . He only has to concentrate on his other ear . ( which isnt brilliant ) .. Will keep you informed how we get on .
Hi, Get him to phone Audiology,the hearing aids are all digitally programmed now ,you can also ask for ahouse visit if need be.I can hear my phone ring at foot of garden theyre so powerful.Even hear whispers,and 2 aids are bettter for hearing.Dissapointed that smile was not fir me though.Cheers.
Hi Everyone, thought Iwould let you know the outcome of my
Hearing Aids and the slurred speech,after a visit to
Audiology. This what their conclusion is. Because I can hear
my OWN VOICE, the brain becomes confused because of the
Parkinsons.I have been on holliday this last 2 weeks and
have hardly worn my hearing aids ,guess what slurred speech
has completely dissapeared. But I have no choice when I do
return to work Imust wear aids.So I am trying to find a middle
way to follow;Was told to watch the film,THE KINGS SPEECH.
Has the forum any suggestions. Thanks.
its a bit of a long shot but i would suggest trying only one hearing aid IN THE EAR THAT IS ON YOUR GOOD SIDE. you might even want to put a finger over the other ear to block it completely - it will only take a second to try and you never know! i would be very interested to know if it works whether successful or not.
Thanks Turnip, I will try what you said,Ihave also noticed that when the
battery goes out in one ear ,if Idont change it imediately,my slurred
speech improves instantly,like what you say a finger over one ear.
You have given me an idea to try just one aid on with the sound higher,
but should audiology not be telling me these experiments.Tomorrow I will
try 1 aid with sound turned up,all day,I will let you know Turnip,thanks
for the suggestion.Brian.
Hi Evryone, I have tried using one hearing aid ,not very good as I heard
less and I can hear better with two aids , have also realised that my
slurred speech is after a build up of problems at work, which is
usually late afternoons,the stress plays on my Parkinson,then I start
gibbering.I try not to let it build up on me,but it is hard.People
say dont worry ,but there are 86 famillies problems thst I have to
work on,sometimes they can be very abusive,thats when I turn my
Hearing aids off,Have a good Friday Night All.