Heart breaking

my partner is scared she will get dementia through i didn't know what to say but it was heartbreaking looking at the pain in her eyes does anyone know if this is a possibility
i too find the thought of dementia very scary.i believe there is a significantly increased chance but it is by no means inevitable. there is also a lot of advances in the science of dementia with new treatments.

have a look at http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/default.aspx?page=10504
I was very worried about this. I asked my consultant and he said that 20% of PWP get dementia. I now look at it the other way 80% dont. Live life for today and not what might happen tomorrow.
Take care
My husband has both and I hope that none of you gets the latter and that they find real cures although the funding is meagre to say the least.
Please scientists, we need you to find a cure!
it is hard but try and live life in the here and now
hi thanks for all the messages i am going to make sure my partner and me live life to the full as posible