Heart problems

Hi I'm kev i'v had pd for 2years now and I'll be 47 in a few weeks,I'm just asking has anyone had blood presure problems with pd or is the norm
Hi Kev and welcome. My o/h was diagnosed November 2009. Until that point she suffered from high bp and was on drugs to reduce it. Her PD drugs also have a reducing effect and she came to the point that it was very low. Stopped the BP drugs and is now back to normal. Don't ever forget that the PD drugs effect different people in different ways. Kepp getting your BP checked and talk to your GP about any worries.
Hi Kev,


Wanted to share this thread on Neurotalk PD forum with you. It's about a PWP who takes BP med and has found that a particular one,
perindopril, greatly improves his PD symptoms. Wish I could take it, but have had opposite problem, low BP, all my life. Welcome and best wishes, Lin2
Hello Kev,

I also have blood pressure problems, which I am sure are a side effect of the drugs. For some time my blood pressure was high and I was prescribed perinadropil, however, it has now become very unpredictable and will swing from high to low. I was given a monitor that I wore for a 24 hour period and that showed the massive swings from high to low. At the moment my doctor is trying to get it back on track but it's proving very difficult.

I bought a blood pressure monitor from Boots the chemist, just so that I could keep an eye on it and I record daily in a PD diary, so that when I go to my neuro they can see the fluctuations. There are monitors on the market that are as accurate as type used by doctors and you have to be sure your buying one of these.