Heart Trouble

I have had PD for some years now, but was only diagnosed with it in October of 2007. For almost seven years now I have also suffered from my Heart being in an Abnormal Rhythm, also known as being in AF (Atrial Fibrillation). I have on several occasions asked quite a few Doctors, Registrars and Consultants, of both Cardiology and Neurology if this may be connected to the PD, as after all the Heart is made up of muscle. The answer is every time an emphatic no!.
Well today I attended the East Midlands Younger Persons Event at Eastwood Hall, in which I gave a small talk on how PD had affected my families life. Briefly I mentioned about my heart condition, well immediately after I had finished two people approached me and said they also had Hearts in AF. And later that day two others also mentioned they had Heart troubles as well, one was AF and the other was a racing heart.
I would like anyone who has had Heart trouble of any sort, but particularly Heart rhythm problems, to just add to this thread briefly a paragraph or two describing the problem you have. If there is enough replies, it might be possible to ask the society to look into this more, and see if it is worthwhile to set up a survey among it's members.
Thanks Phil

I have, PD diagnosed 6 years, and what has been diagnosed as PVC's (premature ventricular contractions)about 7 years. Feels like heart misses a beat. Can happen intermittantly or I get run of weeks of it happening every few seconds - very disturbing. Told absolutely not connected to PD but timing one hell of a coincidence. Like you i am convinced it is connected (heart is a muscle!). I also get bouts of tachycardia at rest.

Have researched this all extensively on internet but with no success.

I have just been through an intense series of tests for heart problems, here in the US. The only thing they did find was a slightly enlarged left atrium. But I went through a stress test, angiogram,a ct scan. And all the ER doctor could tell me is that he thought it was anxiety and depression. He might have got the impression because when I came in I was anxious about palpitations and chest pain. After the tests I was crying because I know there is something wrong. Well in the same week I went to my neurologist and my b/p was 106/44! That would explain the extreme fatigue and heart palpitations. That very same night I went to a seminar on deep brain stimulation. Written in the print out were symptoms of "off state" or when meds are wearing off, Autonomic: Shortness of breath,tachycardia, :rolling_eyes:belching, sweating and constipation.[u][/u]
I have had AF too, I am convinced there is some link.
B - what medication are you on? have you been on azilect?
does your AF seem to be affected by digestion?

looking forward to hearing more on the subject that is very near my heart, har har.
I also suffer from palpitations and low blood pressure and convinced its due to the medication
it may not be so in every case, but quite a lot of people have heart problems before diagnosis which would seem to rule out medication in those cases as the only cause though it may make it worse.
it seems to me that the connecting symptom between pd and af is constipation. i hate to go into details, but i find there is a correlation between constipation and af and belching. pd is associated with constipation and many people think begins in the gut. unfortunately no-one takes any of this seriously.
chewexpert - do you have a take on this?
i have no idea at all on the causal chain between these things, only personal experience of coincidence. is magnesium something to do with it? its very confusing.
In hindsight Along with the many Parkinsons symptoms my husband had be having discomfort/ flutters / missed beats / palpitaions he didnt seem to be able to explain how he felt .. Never one to complain or make a fuss we put it down to stress . ( Who wouldn't be stressed not knowing what is happening to you .)

He took no medication ..

About a year after he was finally diagnosed with parkinsons I asked the Gp to check his pulse I felt there was something else wrong . He immediately had an ECG and was prescribed Beta Blocker abd Warfarin for Atrial Fibrillation .

His brother also has Parkinsons and has been having heart tests . The say its not related or inherited . Makes you think doesnt it ..

Hi, I have resurrected this thread in case any of these people ever got any answers. I understand that the posts were a long time ago (2009-2011) but I am looking for answers myself. I was diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2003 at 46. This year I started with Atrial Fibrillation and was given beta blockers and blood thinners. The thing is they aggravate my asthma quite severely, ( a more recent onset). I had a heart scan which showed my heart was normal but have been told that if I don't take these tablets I could have a stroke. Did anyone get any answers please?

alcohol is definitely very bad fo AF.