Heat is crippling

This extreme weather has me floored, my cognitive issues have more than doubled it is a screen of thick smoke,rather than a usual brain fog, i am absolutely exhausted to the point im in bed all day and anything i do is wiping me out, my tremor is playing up more than usual, pain and stiffness has increased. I have 3 fans in my room with windows wide open and curtains closed also a damp towel around my neck i wouldnt dare go outside i feel like a vampire scared of the sun lol i can handle the heat upto abwt 22c but anything above is just no good at all it must me the humidity more than the heat so im definitely investing in a humidifier fan. How is everyone else are you coping best you can in this weather??

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Hello Jayejaye75
I entirely agree very hot weather can be very difficult to live with… It can play havoc with your symptoms as you have found, make you feel generally unwell and does nothing for your mood.

I note you said you had your curtains closed and your windows open. Although it sounds back to front the advice is generally when it is hotter outside than in keep doors and windows closed to keep the hot air out and when it’s hotter inside than out open doors and windows to let the hot air out.

When I know hot weather is coming I plan quite carefully. For example for the expected hot weather during the last couple of days, I made a couple of bowls easy to eat foods, bought some bottled water { which I don’t normally do but I wanted to make sure I have a good supply readily available) and on Monday and Tuesday mornings put these on my Trolley so I could take them easily to wherever I was in my flat. I added my e reader, television remote, and the craft project I’m working on. The idea being that I would move around as little as possible to conserve energy and not get too hot. I regularly stood and stretched so I didn’t get too stiff and spent the day reading and so on. The craft project is a good distraction because you have to concentrate and it takes your mind off the heat. It doesn’t solve all the problems because you’re still working with more difficult symptoms but I do find planning for the day does help as long as you pick things that don’t need a lot of movement so you can conserve energy.

I managed Monday not too badly Tuesday was more difficult because it was an even hotter day but I still felt I managed better because of planning than I would have done without it.

Unfortunately there are no easy answers, and my way may not work for you. Perhaps in the absence of anything else however it may be worth a try. I attach a picture of my craft project which I managed to complete during the this recent hot spell. It kept me occupied and kept my mind off the heat They are backpack gift bags

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