Heaviness in leg and foot

I would greatly welcome some advice. I am having terrible trouble with my left leg and foot. There is a constant heaviness in my left leg and foot when at rest be it during the day time but most particularly at night. When I am in bed my left leg feels a ton weight and my foot feels numb to the point where I can’t get comfortable. I have an urge to stretch my leg but that only gives temporary relief. I also have urge to move my leg and foot, probably RLS. I am taking Madopar 4 times daily but am seriously thinking the medication is contributing to my distress. I am restless during the day and need to be always active. Since I started medication in April I seem to have worsened. I don’t have many other symptoms except some difficulty walking which I attribute to my problematic leg and foot. Could the Madopar be the source of my problems?

I’m also on Madopar 4 times a day, I suffered from rls and was prescribed Pregabalin which has helped, however when you read side effects of Madopar it can cause rls.

Should I go down that route, ie pregabentin?

Or should I say pregabalin.