Heavy metal detox

Hello everyone, I was just wondering has anyone come across medical medium. His theory is that Parkinson’s and many other neurological disorders are the result of a build up of heavy metals in our bodies and he recommends a heavy metal detox smoothie which includes barley grass juice, wild blueberries, Atlantic dulse and other ingredients. Has anybody here taken up the challenge? Might be worth a go!

The “medical medium” has no medical qualifications. Please see this link regarding his one of his favourite magic cures… celery juice.

I agree with you boomerang83 that a nice healthy green smoothie is great, tasty and full of antioxidants and I have them myself, but it isn’t going to cure Parkinson’s.

By the way, the “medical medium” says on his own website “ Since age four, Anthony has been using his gift to “read” people’s conditions and tell them how to recover their health.”. Um…… !!?

I accept your misgivings but I would not be too quick to dismiss him entirely. The medical profession knows very little about PD and all neurologists do is prescribe different medications which they hope will alleviate symptoms. They haven’t a clue as to the causes, hence the myriad of different opinions. What if the medical medium is right and a build up of heavy metals which we are all exposed to combined with inflammation are the root cause of our illness. Wouldn’t it be logical to treat it at source with natural food that God has provided? We are too quick to go down the medication route which usually leads to more medication and a plethora of unpleasant side effects. Most of the time the drugs prescribed don’t work and all we are doing is pandering to big pharma. Keeping people continually on medication is not the answer.

My husband has Parkinsons and I have Myasthenia, we are vegetarians and for most of our lives have eaten fresh vegetables from our garden and greenhouses and avoided chemicals of any sort but that has not stopped us having these diseases so the idea that the described drink would be any good in fighting these diseases sounds like rubbish to me.


Point taken. At the end of the day it’s probably all to do with our genetic make up. I’m probably clutching at straws!

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I see that this thread has already opened up some dialogue on this topic and I just thought I’d chime in too.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is recommended for people with Parkinson’s. Getting the right nutrition is vital but it’s also individual and will depend on a range of factors including your weight, activity levels, any other health issues you have and the medications you take.

So it’s really important to speak to your doctor or nurse before making any significant changes. We have a range of different information about diet on our website here: Diet | Parkinson's UK

I hope you find this information useful.

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@boomerang83, as already written before, I wouldn’t trust medical medium because it’s was already stated that he gives pseudoscientific advice, not based on research and tests.