Hello again!

Hi all,
Divine1 here. I haven’t posted for a while as life got in the way and took me a while to figure out the new format. Nothing much has changed with me. Still doing yoga /tai chi and started regularly doing PD specific exercises. Still working 20 hours a week…
I hope everyone is well and getting on with life as best they can.

Hi Divine1 and welcome back. Sounds like you’re keeping yourself nice and busy. I’ve had to reduce my working hours and can now only manage 12 hours per week. It’s not much, but I’m holding on or as long as I possibly can.

Lovely to see your name again :slight_smile:

Hi Joanie,
Trying to work out this new forum system is taking time. I agree with reducing hours at work and holding on to them. Ill probably reduce them this year but hope to last a while longer. I feel the interaction is good for me. Its been a bit upand down mood wise but im still here!!