Hello again

Good afternoon everyone and long time(ish) no type. Hoping everyone is as well as can be and my best wishes to all.


Hi JP long time no speak.
Hope this finds you well. You have been missed.

Hoping this is you back

Glasgow Girl. X x x

Hey Babs and nice to hear and see you and the bad news is yes i’m back but a little less as frequent. Have been reading a few of your posts and you really are a fighter along with many on here. Hoping things are as good as they can be for the rest of the week and weekend.


Hi JP I think this forum needs you.

Your sense of fun is truly missed…

I’m sure you would get on well with Tommy his sense of humour is a bit whacky.

Please keep posting. I am getting there after my back op. Still fighting my way as there is nothing else for it.

Speak soon my friend.

Babs x x x

My friend babs says your a friend
Any friend of babs is mine
Even though im a pain in the ass ( babs will tell you )
Id like to say welcome back

Hi Babs and thank you for the that and I will post away. Hoping the back gets better asap. Really good to catch up with you. That number 32 bus does go a quicker route lol, just kidding of course it was actually the number 42.

Hi Keith and nice to meet you and thank you for the nice welcome. Have read your poems and are great. I’m a pain in the neck and not the trendy vampire kind more the “him again”.

Best wishes to you both