Hello again

Hello Friends, I feel as if I am always apologizing to you all ,I went a bit
astray during the last few weeks ,the initial ecstatic few days after returning
home from Hospital was very rapidly replaced by black depression a very black
depression,I took a little while to master it hence the lack of communication .
I think it was delayed shock,as some of the procedures were not pleasant,and of
course I was the centre of attention with lots of very attractive young Doctors and Nurses almost constantly in attendance,then there was the curiosity element
every wanted to know about Duodopa, and of course I was only to glad to explain and demonstrate how my walking dexterity and speech was vastly improved.
When I came home I seemed lost and unsure of what to do next,I did one talk to the young Interns which I always enjoy and I have a couple of projects about to start which I am looking forward to with great anticipation but always on the Horizon is that fearsome depression , is this normal,
I will have to go now as reinforcements have arrived.
Kindest Regards Fedex:grin:

you need a big project. preferably something completely daft and impossible - a challenge! people can't thrive without a challenge. build a full scale model of a 747 made of lollipop sticks. write a novel in abyssinian. doesn't really matter what.
ps how are you finding the practicalities of the plumbing?

very best


hi fedex

i'm glad the dark clouds have dispersed. depression is a constant challenge

i wish you clear skies ahead

dr jonny

dr j
have you told your neuro about depression? there are other n-transmitters involved, a dash of selegeline could be helpful. i find it very uplifting.
Martin H isnt the only option!!
best wishes

Good morning turnip and dr johnny, I am still in the grip of a most evil depression, I am trying to make progress but I take one step forward and three
back,I am sleeping badly and haunted by night terrors.
The Duodopa works well through the day but I have to take it off at night and rely
on Madopar capsules and there is no way they can be as effective thus I slow down and by morning PD has the upper hand, however the reactivation of DD quickly chases BLACKHEART away and comparative normality returns, but I cant shake off the depression,the Lady who was my constant companion during the tests and application of DD is visiting shortly so perhaps a slight adjustment of the pump
may be the answer , we shall see.
I very much appreciate your suggestions and concern and rest assured I will
get the better of BLACKHEARTS stable mate , I have recently joined the PDS and
new friends are encouraging me to visit the Wideopen group, this I will do, I
cannot allow the Beast to win, not after all I have been through.
I received the very best of care while in NTGH I cannot praise those Doctors and Nurses enough so in the words of a certain Lady from Birmingham, NO SUCH WORD AS CANT Kindest Regards Fed:smile:

didnt realise pump didnt work at night but suppose its obvious. do you take anything for depression?

Mirtisapine chlorasapan the two used to work fine keeping me cheerfull mostly
I think its delayed shock DD and gall bladder out is a bit of a hammering within
3 or 4 weeks of each other, if you throw in the fire and the reluctance of the respective insurers to pay up, I have to keep poking them with a sharp stick just to keep them awake. Kindset Gerards
Mad MickMcMad (fedex)