Hello again

hi all im back again
still fundraising on the trike
raised over 6000pounds up to now for various charities
still as mad as ever in fancy dress costumes
soon be time for santa on the trike
first its dracular at haloween
hope you all reasonably fit

best wishes trikey
Hello again, welcome back
Welcome.Keep going.
yes i will keep the wheels on my wagon rolling along all 3 ofthem

best wishes
keep triking!
theres a bushy-bearded chap here in oz who has pd and a trike.
tried cycling myself but have trouble balancing so would love to get a trike but new ones are very expensive.
Hi downunder
yes ive got a trike its one where .you sit down lay back legs streched out handlebars and gears near your waist recumbent trike you wouldnt fall off
best wishes trikeman
the problem with a recumbent is getting in and out- isnt it difficult?
Sorry, sounds as if I slipped up, I did not mean to 'report' as complain about anyone, I just wanted a chat. many apologies, I will be back later, time for lunch. Tryphena. Been away so long I am 'new'.
Hi Trikeman good to hear from you again .Will you let us know what fund raising you are doing at XMAS.Take care regards ANGEL4UX