Hello again

I Thought it would be worthwhile posting a hello as it's been a couple of years since I was on this forum. I was diagnosed in 2008 and am 45 now. My life has totally changed because of Parkinson's.  Good changes include being at home with my boys, they are five and nine, getting my pension early from my employers, successfully applying to do a Masters in fine Art (I start in September) and having time  to revisit ambitions. Bad changes mean things like losing my job, being made redundant, strain on my relationship with my husband   And the inevitable physical decline. Anyway, it's time to come back to the forum  and make some friends. I hope everyone is okay tonight. Take care. 

Hello Quarkee pleased to meet you . I am the same age as you diagnosed last sep so relatively new . I have two children - well I say that . My son is twenty this year my daughter is thirteen . I work full time . Good luck with the masters in sep . 

Welcome back Quarkee, well done for at least seeing the positives as well as the obvious negatives that come with an illness like this, how exciting about doing a masters! Have you had to adjust your art techniques since becoming ill?

You have my admiration - two young children and coping with PD!  I thought I was young at 58 to be diagnosed, but I am beginning to realise that's not the case.  Very best of luck with your degree