Hello all

Hi all,
My father has Parkinson’s, diagnosed in 2017 and this year has been very difficult after a fall in Jan. Just on here as I care for him and finding things pretty hard at this time.

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Hello Lou, sorry to hear you are having a tough time just now. As you will be finding out by now Parkinson’s is in some ways a very peculiar condition. One the one hand quite a lot is known about it and on the other I sometimes think we are not off the starting blocks. Similarly too, people with Parkinson’s, including me, share common denominators although what we each get, speed, effect etc are all very individual. It’s not an easy thing to live with whether you have it like me, or care for someone like you do and there’s little I can say that will probably help except to say I am glad you came to the forum. This is the place where you can ask whatever you need, use as a safe sounding board, or yell with frustration in other words, whatever you need. It’s not possible to be physically with you, we can’t have face to face chats but you are most definitely not on your own so if anything in particular is a problem just now, do come back with a bit more info and maybe someone on the forum can come up with some ideas for you. Take care.

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Hi lou3 and welcome to the forums, sorry to hear that the past year for you and your father has been difficult. Be assured that you are not alone with what are both experiencing, we have many people with Parkinson’s, family members and carers on the forum that can offer their support, experience and advice to you both.

You can also contact our Helpline and Local Adviser service for practical and emotional support. Our helpline has dedicated nurse and benefit & employment advisers, and our Local Adviser service can help you find and link up with nearby services to support you and your father.

Carers centres can also be a great source of information and support when supporting loved ones with a health condition, you can find your local carers centre/support service here

Best Wishes,
David - Moderation Team