Hello all

well after two weeks of sleepless nights and long days i decided to drop in and say hi............so hi!
im a 39 year old recently diagnosed with PD took almost two years,im on Sinomet which has worked wonders for my tremor ,speech,aches and pains the only trouble i now have is sleep deprivation........is this normal and can anyone suggest a way of getting at least 2 hours sleep a night

Hi, I'm also a recently diagnosed 39 year old with sleep problems. When it's important that I get a decent amount of sleep, because of work or an appointment the next day, I use Herbal Nytol. Camomile tea before bed and read to wind down. Usual stuff. Gets me five hours, sometimes more.

What is more annoying is that my other half sleeps for England! Listening to someone asleep when you're desperate to sleep .... aaaaaagghh!

Yes I've tried these sort of things,laugh is all of my family used to take the mick because I used to be able to fall asleep at will.now since I started my meds im having no problems staying awake.
I'm putting it down to the medication would it be worth me seeing my gp to see about sleeping pills or would a five mile run before bed be more appropriate.

I've had PD diagnosed 18 months ago. After various drug trials, I'm now on pramipexole and propranolol . Must say the tremor's not getting worse over the last year or so. However, there is no clear improvement either. I am learning to live with it. Being active definitely helps. The illness could be familial tremor, according to my gp. Sadly the neuro's convinced its PD, after various tests.

hi ya to you all,welcome to puk forum,im ali ive been dx 12 years,im 43 years old.my meds cause alot of sleeping,but im on mst morphine as well so i think its that finally makes me how iam.im up in the nite alot usually with pain in back and legs,and fiderting alot with restless legs.i think the only way im coping is just letting my body tell me wots best to do,i no this sounds stupid,but it works.if you need sleep dont fite it,let it happin even if you end up being awake in the nite,i have to do this cus if i dont i feel dreadful during the day time.but i guess we are all different and have to cope in different ways,but listerning to your body does deffo help.:smile:

Good to see your name again Ali. I agree with you about sleeping when you have to regardless of the clock, I'm just glad I don't have to worry about still trying to go to work!

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