Hello all

hi,i have had parkinsons from the age of 32 and am now on the appomorphine pump,is anybody else on it,it greatly improved my life allowing me an epic trip to thailand for a month,i have shit days like everyone,days where i want to end it all,i find laughing helps,i am very optomistic have had a coulourfull life,have not spoken to any one else with pd and think its about time i did
Hi Twopounder,

Welcome to the forum,I was dx with PD 1 month ago and have only been on meds for that time. Like yourself I am optomistic for the future and intend living life to the full. So far I have been very lucky with only minor side effects to the meds and a big improvement in how I feel most of the time. You don't say how long you have lived with PD but am guessing from what you have written that it is a while.
I hope that life continues to go well for you.

Kind regards

Hello to you both! i hope you enjoy the content of the Forum and the people who populate it. I have never known any question/query/problem go unanswered so I wish you well and I know you will receive the same support and kindness that has been offered to me!:stuck_out_tongue:
did any body see Sky news today,had a report on a new wayof treating pd,bring it on i say