Hello all

Hello all I posted yesterday for the first time on the forum under newly diagnosed, and have just come across the meet and greet. I'm 52 was diagnosed with IPD on the 4th of November and although I kind of knew the diagnosis was coming it hit me harder than I had expected . I look forward to chatting to everyone on the forum as you all seem to be a friendly bunch,and I'll most probably have lots of questions to ask. Keep well. BB.:grin:
Hi there Butcherboy. We certainly are a friendly bunch. Always ready to give advice and guidance where it's needed. A Sympathetic ear. A laugh. A joke. A few words of encouragement. Perhaps even a shoulder to cry on.
Yes, we're all in the same boat but the more rowers we have the better. Welcome aboard!

Hi Chris thanks for the welcome and I have the oar's at the ready, look forward to posting on the forum. Keep well. Paul.:grin:
Welcome to the forum!
Hi there BB
welcome to the forum:grin:
Thank's all for the kind welcome to the forum, hope to talk soon. :grin:.Paul
Hi all
Newly diagnosed on 21st nov

My boat is filling with water at the mo

Friends are not surprised by the diagnosis they've noticed that I've been shiuffling my feet 15yrs ago.

Can you be in the 1st stage of pd for 15yrs.my main worry is dementia and fear I won't know my kids by the time I'm 60.
30 years ago I had a bad neck injury.on the net I found that people who had a neck injury to the atlas bone have been getting pd but once put right the pd goes away.
Or am I just clutching at straws.
The meds are making me a little light headed at mo,wife's took over the driving.
Still planning to get away next year perhaps on level ground though
Look forward to your comment
Hello and welcome to BB and Twins, I do hope that you find what your looking for on the forum, I'm sure that you will. I have been dx for 11 years now, I was 50 at the time and I can clearly recall being told that I had PD. I understand just how you feel and Twins I'm pretty sure you'll still recall your kids when your 60!!

You have probably got tons of questions that you want to ask, if so feel free to fire away, we will always try to answer them for you. I have learned more about PD on this forum than I was ever told by the medics that have treated me over the years. I would suggest that you have a good look around the PUK site because their publications are all pretty good and are very informative.

Look forward to chatting as we plod along together

Hi Twins99. Yes, it all seems like a bad dream sometimes doesn't it? I keep thinking that when I wake up in the morning I will be fine, but of course I'm not.
However, I think there really is cause for optimism when you consider how much progress is being made in the search for a cure or indeed making the symptoms more manageable.
Don't let what you can't do stop you from doing what you can do!