Hello all

Hello everyone

I am nearly 70 and was diagnosed in 1994. I have posted a couple of questions in the daily life section, and although I need a rest now I intend to read and contribute to the forum.

I am convinced that there is gold in our experiences.
Hello and a warm welcome to the forum Dollypops. I'm sure that you will enjoy your memebership and you are so right about our experienced being worth a lot. Ive been dx for 11 years now and have learned so much from this forum. I hope you enjoy and I might see you around!
Hi everyone,

I am not hijacking this thread, I am Doylipops' Son.

I don't suffer from PD - but it was my suggestion for him to come on here, to share the little gems of wisdom which help him through his Parkies. He is a very organised bloke and has some great little systems and things which 'enable' him. Hopefully these will help others. Of course we want to unashamedly pinch ideas from you guys too.

He is also a brilliant engineer, published writer (I'll encourage him to blog - is there a PD blog anywhere?) and one of the most altruistic people I have ever met. Although he won't tell you any of these things. Anyway - I am not going to be too gushing on here because he will read it and could become intolerable. :)

Now that's the intro's done - I am going to peruse the daily life section. Specifically I am looking for some info on what are the best trousers for my dad to try - it takes me ages to fasten his current ones.

Best regards and wishes for a great Christmas.
hello Dolypops and Jennings. Hope you enjoy forum. I find it interesting and I'm very good at time wasting on here. I havent seen any practical advice about trousers going past yet. I am 62, diagnosed in 2006 and doing fine on medication at present.
Sorry I mis-spelled Doylipops.
hi ya dolipos,love ur forum name,im ali ,im 42 and ive been dx for 11 years,the forum will give lots of surport and meet good freinds ,ihope to see u around the forum xx:smile:
hi jennings,nice to see you also,ive spelt ur fathers name rong sorry ,blimin fingers typin ,i apolize to you both ,anyway it lovey for you to come on her with ur father ,and contrebute to wards the forum .it be lovey to see you around the forum also x:smile:
Hi new boys. (By saying that I don't have to worry about spelling names incorrectly.....)

I'm Ray from Hull. I'm 61 and was dx 11 years ago.

Hope to se you around.

Hello and welcome D and J, nice to meet you both. I'm glenchass and I've been dx for 11 years, I'm 62 years old. I'm sure that you will get a lot out of the forum, there are plenty of people all prepared to help and support others. At the moment there isn't a blog section but I'm sure that you could start one. I hope to see you around, take care