Hello all


   I was diagnosed with PD eleven years ago on my fiftieth birthday. I finally had the cause for my many and varied health problems. These problems first manifested themselves in my mid thirties.

I have only now joined PD UK and am hoping to use the site to my full advantage . Part of that advantage I am hoping will be to talk to others and gain some support and more understanding about the disease.

Looking forward to chatting, Maggie



Hi Maggie,

Welcome, what a lovely smiling face you have! You will find lots of information on this forum and will interact with some lovely people. There is also a fun and games and poetry section under Social and Creative if you want to join in. hope you enjoy chatting


Thank you for your welcome. I will be trying out the social and creative section of the forum.


Welcome from me as well.

Diagnosed at 42 - 13 years ago and still going strong.  There is life after young diagnosis, you just have to keep positive, try not to let it get you down and chat to others with PD as it really helps to talk to fellow sufferers - we understand what you are going through.

Happy to chat.

Thank you. I agree with you about staying positive. That's my outlook on life. I find a good sense of humour also helps.


Hi Maggie T - just read all these jolly, uplifting emails!  Make you feel good don't they!  I was 59 last month and was diagnosed in February this year.  I knew exactly what was happening to me as P is in my family and I recognised the signs very quickly.  I think the greater shock is finding out that, come a diagnosis, you have already had it several years.  However, keeping positive is the key to so much - easier said than done at times, but, in the main, we just have to knuckle down and get on with everything don't we.

Most importantly, we have to keep smiling and having a laugh!  If we don't, we might as well give up and that is not an option!

Keep well and best wishes

Many thanks for that. Indeed, keeping a positive attitude is most important. As you say, not always easy. Some days when I know it's going to be a bad day for me or a down day as I refer to them, I keep myself to myself. On a good day, I make the most of every moment I