Hello - And Newly Diagnosed


This is my first time on this website so ill start by introducing myself. My name is Sarah and i am 29 years old. My mother was diagnosed with parkinsons 2 years ago and we have found out she has had it for about 9 years, she is 59 years old. This was a majot shock to the family and we were all devastated but over the last 2 years we have all been coping well, and as we are a close family anyway this has helped such a lot to come to terms with it.
Then Last week i received some shockling news, after going for a dat scan, as i had a slight tremor on my right side, i have too been diagnosed with pd. I am absolutely in shock, and after crying and crying im really unsure now on what to do.
My neurology wants to start me on medication but my mum is not taking any and is perfectly fine. So im really unsure on what to do. I have recently started a new job as a prison officer and thought i would have a long career in this role, and now im worried this will not be the case. I have a 12 year old and cannot bring myself to tell him this news as he didnt take it well when he knew his nanny was not well.

So im on here just to hear of any other young people who have been diagnosed and whats the next step from here??

Hi Cornetto 12

Welcome to the forum. I'm afraid I cannot help much with your own devastating news as a (very) young onset PWP's as I am 72 but I'm sure others will soon be replying to your post. You will find a lot of support and information from this forum as well as from Parkinsons UK. Please note the helpline top left which provides support as well as practical information. There are several people on here who have had to tackle the question of whether and how to tell younger children

I am a bit puzzled as to what you can mean when you say that your mother takes no medication but is fine. I was dx three years ago and I certainly would not be at all well without the medication I am on although I have managed to keep it pretty low so far - I believe with the help of plenty of exercise. It prompts the question as to who made the dx. Was it also a neurologist and do they specialize in movement disorders which is the ideal
Dear Cornetto12,

I am sorry that both you and your mother have been diagnosed with Parkinsons it is always a shock and takes a while to come to terms with it.
My husband was in his late thirties when he was diagnosed but we are sure he had had it several years already. I was disabled with a chronic back condition and our son was only ten year's old at the time. I do understand only too well how you must be feeling about your young son but they are very good at adjusting and it won't happen over night.
I am not up to speed with all the new drugs but there will be someone on the forum who will ba able to give lots of information.
My husband is 69 year's old now and has always kept busy with photography flower shows and scrabble clubs since he had to give up work, he says you need to use it in order not to lose it so to speak, it has worked for him so far.
I wish both you and your mum all the best and do please keep your chin up I know how difficult that is.
best wishes
Hello and welcome Cornetto 12

Don't give in to the Black Dog of depression. He is your worst enemy. I know it must be quite a shock to be given the bad news at such a young age. Indeed it is at any age. But brooding and moping will only make matters worse (and won't change a thing). When you see how much medical science has progressed over the last 15-20 years I think there is every reason to be optimistic about the prospects for a cure, or at least better drugs. No one can predict how much your
Parkinsons will progress over the coming years but I honestly believe that a positive mental attitude is vital in keeping this thing in check. Just imagine that you are St.George and that Parkinsons is the dragon. Stick that lance in good and deep! Anyway, you have come to the right place. There is always plenty of sound advice available on the forum. Even on-line hugs and kisses if you want them. So put your best foot forward, get on with your life, find new interests and above all keep posting.