Hello everyone, Newly DX with YOPD

Hello everyone,
I am a wife , a mum of two daughters 14 and 11 years old .
I was diagnostic with Parkinson’ s disease since 15 feb 2019 at 45 years old . I had symptoms since March 2018 . I am on azilect treatment, my symptoms are still mild.
Interesting about informations about my disease .
Love life but I realize that it is not fair and we have to get used to it. I am still optimistic and doing my best ( exercice, supplément , no stress) to stay well and live my life to the fullest .
Hope that futur coming years brings better medications for PD.

Good luck for all

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Hi Christiane,
Welcome to the forum you will find lots of us have opinions and ideas and I’m sure you will get a lot of ideas. I would say stay positive, carry on doing what you are but don’t be too hard on yourself if you have an off day. Be open with your family and keep them as informed as you wish or can.
Personally I’m still working dx 3 years ago but knew I had PD since 2010. What keeps you happy do it and don’t put off what you can do now and make those special memories with your family. You will have many more to make and no one really knows for sure how quickly things will change so I don’t think too much about what might happen in 5 or 10 years or even 1 year just carry on and enjoy life as much as you can. My mantra I have chosen to be happy as it’s good for my health. Keep smiling and give all your family a big hug :sunglasses:

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Nice to meet u on this forum . Thanks for your msg .
I wish u the best . Keep staying positive :blush:
I am wondering about treatment, I am now on azilect my neurologist suggest to start a dopamin agonists.
I am afraid from the sides from the side effect of the medication, I am doing well with azilect .

Best regards, Christiane

Hi Christiane
Welcome to the “club”. PD is not a death sentence. There is a lot you personally can do to deal with it effectively. My advice is to start by taking a long, hard look at the alternative approaches people come up with to the standard medication. All the standard stuff on offer comes with “side-effects” (“medically-induced alternative illnesses” might be a more honest description). Once you go down that path it is very difficult to come off it.
Learn about and take control of the disease yourself. Listen to medical advice of course. It is well-intentioned and it may be the best option for your particular situation; but learning about the disease and taking responsibility for your own body is key to getting the best possible outcome. Each person’s symptoms are different and the medical approach is to try different standard medications until they find which one seems to suit you best. That is very limiting.
You will find plenty of good ideas as well as some wacky ones on the forum; but they will give you food for thought and hopefully lead to YOU selecting the best options that YOU can have faith in.
Best wishes

Hi JCPB , nice to meet u on this forum

Thanks a lot for your time and reply
I think I will stay on my azilect until my symptoms get worst .

Good luck for u too