Hello everyone

I currently care for someone 10 years into Y/O PD - diagnosed at 41. We are having a hell of a time with his medication and at the moment he spends more time off line than on. It would be great to hear from any of you who could offer advice as to where we are going wrong. Look forward to chatting with you x
Hi Beth13,

I sympathise with you; PD meds often seem to cause more trouble than the disease.
I recommend that you establish contact with the area PD Nurse - they are generally well-experienced in the beneficial and side-effects of PD Meds.
Finding the right treatment and applying it is critical to the control of this wicked disease, but there are many different drugs with different results. Keep your GP involved and use the neurology consultants to the max. You shouldn't have to put up with all the problems on your own. There is also plenty of advice via the PD Society and this forum, which helps with your own research.

Very best wishes - haltonapp
Hi Beth13,

Sorry to hear the person you are caring for has medication problems and having so many off's, usually the doctor can help smooth out the day for them by just adjusting the meds or adding another one in. Sometimes it helps to keep a record of the off's and see if meal times are part of the problem as we have found that taking medication about a half an hour before eating makes a lot of difference. There is a good chance that their life can be improved so when you go to the consultants next take the diary with you making a note about meal times. In the past we have known people who have off's after eating fish where as others find eggs do it for them, so it it worth trying a few thing out for yourself and see if the off's relate to any.
best wishes