Hello everyone


My name is Dave and my wife has been recently diagnosed with PD. I have read various topics,post over the last couple of months and have decided to become a member of this forum.
As a husband who intends to do all I can for my wife in the years ahead,I can see
how this forum will hopefully help me along the road ahead.
Hope you don't mind the abbreviation ! We P.D. people tend to be adept at taking short cuts.
Welcome to the forum , I'm sure you'll find it a friendly place to be , and a great help for you and your wife when you may feel a little lost sometimes. There are many knowledgeable people here , and even if all you need is someone to chat to , there's always someone popping up , day and night.
Your wife is fortunate to have a caring partner who wants to do his best in the way of support.
You need to be mindful of her wishes , fears and hopes also. I feel you play a difficult role at times , because , speaking personally -- I need to feel I am the one managing my condition , and my o/h supports me in this.
I think it's particularly relevant with managing medication , and when changes and adjustments are being made. I need to feel in control in this aspect , and my o/h and i have ironed out difficulties here, sometimes when I've felt frustrated with him not understanding when some days I'm not as good as it'd like to be.
As in all aspects of living with another person , keep lines of communication open, also remembering , in the words of that well known relationship book that "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus " You can still have a sense of humour !
Best wishes
Hi LMC and welcome to the forum.

I have been dx since November 2010. My o/h has been with me at every appt with my GP and neuro and is part of all decisions that we make. As Lorna pointed out you are taking on a big and important role as your wife (and you) begin to find out how this nuisance condition affects everything that you do. I know that I would not be able to cope, especially on the bad days without my o/h's support.

I hope you will find the forum the place to find support, information and answers to the many questions that you are sure to have.

Best wishes and see you around
hiya LMC,love the forum name,i love my caravon to:wink:welcome to the forum ,lots of good happy people on here,willin to give alot of surport to one another,i hope the forum can help u,and ur wife aswell:smile:,im ali i bin dx 10 years ,im 42 now:smile:,be lovley to see ur posts x:smile:
Welcome to the forum, everyone here is really friendly and kind. :wink:
Welcome to the forum, everyone here is really friendly and kind. :wink:
Thank you for the welcome Lorna
The abbreviation's great ha ha I'm slowly figuring out all the various abbreviation's. I read with interest your post and I hope that I can be of help to- don't know whether to put o/h or wife ?
Out of interest dose your o/h use the forum Lorna?

Hi Pebble
Thanks for the warm welcome, your o/h sounds to be a tower of strength for you. I hope I can match up too.

Hiya ali j
Thank you for the welcome :wink: Is your caravan a tourer or a static? We love to tour in ours, had it over on the continent a few times. Love the warmer weather over there as well :grin:
Hi Mooseeci
Then you very much :grin:

I feel at ease already ..... Best wishes to all
Hi LMC. My husband has been diagnosed about 18 months ago, he is now 66. It can be a rocky road at times. Looking back, I was trying to control everything but with time and honest talking between us things are more relaxed.
He finds it difficult opening up on the forum but I come on here occasionally. I remember one bleak time when I logged on there was one person online who supported me, Hull Victim. Although he couldn't do anything, his support was like a hand stretching out.
There have been many more people who have helped me , I think that this forum is invaluable, I am sure it will be for you as well. flo
Hi flo like your husband i find it hard to open up on the forum maybe it gets easier the more you go on it. I was diagnosed jan 2011 so its all quite new to me Hope to hear from you again Chris
HI aliJ glad to hear from you Weve got a boat not a caravan we can sail off into the sunset but im the one that has to jump off to moor and as my balance is not always that good i may end up in the water. Take care see you around Chris
Welcome Chris. Let's hope not! Glad you have you're boat. What a great way to forget it all. Unless of course you do fall in!

Hi LMC. Like you I'm carer to my o/h.

Joining the forum was the best thing I ever did. The stuff you read on line is often sketchy and horribly inaccurate. As you have seen, you get it from the horses mouth on here.

Hope to see you around and about and you come and join us in Social Club for a bit of fun, support or a good moan.
boats are good chris,i do boats to :smile:,when i lived at home our yearly hols was on canal boats from when i was so small,up in cambridge rite down to the shropshire canal when we moved on ,or if u talkin sea boats,wellwhen i up in wales ,me friend howard and the owner of the site ian ,both have sea boats and i bin on them ,good stuff ,well excitin :smile:
hi lmc, hi chris. It's good here. Everyone helps in one way or another. Always get a cuppa in the cafe from ali.
I'm a carer for my hubby aswell. He has had pd for 20 years now, but also now has dimentia. laugh as often as you can. very hard sometimes I know.
all the best barb x
Hi Flo..

Many thanks for your post, I can see how the forum can be a great help to both ppl dx with pd and carers.
Best wishes flo ..

Hi chris

The forum is also new to me, but it was nice of you to make a post here. Feel free to pm me if you want a chat.
Cheers LMC...

Hi jenniferchristine . . .

I can agree with you "The stuff you read on line is often sketchy and horribly inaccurate" Many thanks for the welcome.


Hi barles

Sounds like you've had a lot to cope with, many thanks for the welcome.
Best wishes ... LMC
Welcome to the forum Luvsmycaravan Luv the name,you must have a brilliant sense of humour.Angel
:grin: Ha ha Thanks angel4u

Best wishes LMC