Hello everyone

Hello everyone I am73 years young and have PD. I loved to walk the Three Peaks until 2 years ago when I seem to run out of steam quickly, at first I thought it was my Diabetes, I checked my sugar regular and it’s always as it should be exept very occasional I would shake and thought! This is dehydration kicking in so I had a good drink and a rest, off I would go again back to normal. I’ve done first aid since I was 15 so I never worry that’s what I was there for, looking after other people all 600 or so of them, I was a radio marshal for charities walks.
I was confirmed with PD 4 months ago being stubborn I said “no way” –me- Parkinson’s not a chance I’m fit as a fiddle, must be something else, I’ve damaged a nerve doing too much exercise in my left arm. But when you throw peas all over the place at dinner something else must be wrong. Then the PD specialist confirmed what the doc said I have accepted it. I have always been as a matter of fact and just get on with whatever. So back to the training camp and lets get up to scratch again.
Ping my phone- pill time again, I hate taking pills!

Cul Tony
Hello Oldboy and welcome to the forum,

does not matter what age you are dx with Parkinson's it is still a shock. Good advice on the forum and hope to see around. Wish you well.

regards PB X
hiya old boy ,welcome to the forum,im ali,ive been dx for 11 years,im 42 now:smile:this forum should give you good surport and make new friends:smile:you have done really well,and i would say try keep positve,and try keep goin as much as u can ,im a x runner ,from english schools/ nationals/martathons to the best,ive had that took from me now,but my mind is still very sport minded.and thats wot it all about ,keep goin .good luck and i see u around the forum x:smile:
Hi Old B Welcome to the forum
Like the ladies are saying it doesnt matter what age you are when dx its still alot to take in
Its all about keeping going
Ive been to a new early onset group and was feeling feeling quite sorry for
myself :cry:
This week at the group there was a lovely girl aged 33 who never stopped smiling and didnt complain
even though she having a really bad time .
It made me feel quite humble and selfish
All the best Adrian
Hi Many thanks for the welcome flowers:flushed: I don't feel so bad about pd, I will just be more determined to improve thanks eveyone again
not that old-boy:laughing:
Only 73,you are a youngster!!!
My father is 78 and he is the youngest person where he lives.
A very large bar of chocolate helps with tea,although I can never find a bar big enough!!!
You sound fitter and brighter then me,and I am only a carer- you notice I did not say thinner !!
I push a wheelchair sometimes - you think I would lose weight!!!