Hello everyone

I am a 56 year old single man - delighted to be told I am officially a 'young person' with PD (ok, I am not so delighted with the PD bit!)
I have shared my life with Mr. Parkinson's for about sixteen years now and I am still ''battling' with him - telling him not to leave things all over the floor etc. etc. I don't work any longer but I am grateful to have had TWO careers in my life - one, I was professional orchestral violinist, for roughly ten years. I later moved on to become a University Lecturer in language teaching and studied for a Masters Degree in Educational Technology and language teaching -a natural progression don't you think?! Well before you get bored I will sign off for now and hope to hear from some of you and what you are getting up to.
A pleasure to meet you, i am a big fan.
seriously now - you were diagnosed a 40? and are now at 16 years post diagnosis?

anyway nice to meet you and hope you find it convivial.
Hi and welcome. I am 56 as well, but only recently diagnosed after symptoms appeared last year. I was not told I was “young”!

I have read somewhere that playing the violin is a good thing do to help keep brain function. Do you notice any improvement after a practice session?
Welcome, Mozart. That wry sense of humour will prove popular on the Forum. I'm about yr age & also felt oddly flattered when called "young" & I was diagnosed just a year ago. I also read that PD tended to inflict itself on people of above average intelligence. Keep it coming.........:grin:
Hello and welcome, Mozart!
I have also had PD for 16 years, with a diagnosis just 11 years ago, when I was 56. I am now a widow, having lost my intended caregiver a year ago this month. Fortunately, my case is very slow-moving so far; thus I can live alone without any problems yet. Well, I admit to SOME problems: I am inadequate in so many things my husband used to do, such as repairing plumbing and electrical connections and damage to woodwork, and so on. But Parkinson's hasn't been very troublesome yet, just the occasional tremor or difficulty using a knife.

My only career was in education. Professional violinist! I'm impressed. At the end of summer I'll attend the Banff International String Quartet Competition, a triennial event I love. And that's as close as I get to a violin.

Hope to hear more from you.
Hi all!!

Pleased to meet you, Mozart. Are you still playing the violin?
Hi Mozart,

Snap - ish! I was diagnosed when I was 39 and am now 18 years on. I worked until 2 years ago as HM Inspector of Probation. I finally realised I couldn't manage the job and the travel any longer and was fortunate to be retired because of ill health, which helped with my pension.

Since retiring,I have learned to play saxophone and managed one or two other projects which allows me to be busy when I want to be and resting when I need. Although not happy with the effect Parkinson's is beginning to have on me, life is not so bad as it could be.

Hope to hear more from you - please don't be thinking you will bore people.

Best wishes