Hello everyone!

Hello everyone,

Its nice to meet you all :grin:

Im not sure what to say really?? I suppose a little about myself??
Well, I'm a 41 year old mum of one daughter who is now approaching her 13th birthday oh dear the dreaded teenage years lol:confused:
I was diagnosed, much to my disgust, with pd in 2008 but have been experiencing the delightful symptoms for a lot longer than that!!
Im currently just been swapped over to requip xl 12mg a day which has helped the dystonia in my foot but the blasted shake is still making its presence felt and these horrendous chest pains are driving me nuts!!!
Anyone else experience chest pains with their pd?? I feel very alone with this symptom :( xx
I think im going to enjoy chatting to you on here by reading some of your topics.
Hope someone wants to chat to me ?? xx
Hi Purple vic. Nice to meet you and welcome to PUK.

we are having a chat in the new cafe (social pages) why not come and join in

Welcome Purplevic, the forum is the best place to share experiences and ask questions. You will get lots of friendly advice, bacon butties and a cup of tea ib the Social Club Cafe and lots of general chit chat.

Hope to see you around
Hi PurpleVic,

Welcome to the forum. I am sure you'll get some very valued opinions re: Requip (but none from me :flushed: ).

Have you also tried to get an opinion from a PD Nurse? Or the helpline at the top left hand corner of this page?

I hope just a tinkering of your meds will do the trick, since you have just been on this new med.

Best wishes,
Hello and a very warm welcome Purple. hope you enjoy using the forum and hope to see you around.
hi there.
Thanks all xx where's the social pages?? Im being dumb arent I lol xx
Go to Latest activity, then you will see The Parkinson's chat room or The new cafe.Either of those generally has someone available to chat.

Hope you find it and look forwards to seeing you there
hiya welcome to the forum ,im ali i bin dx 10 years im 42 now,ihope to see u around,good surport on here and good friens,join us in the cafe i do u a speacil fry up and cuppa :wink: