Hello everyone

Hi everyone,

I thought I would join this forum after seeing it advertised on Facebook.  I am Kirsty and my dad was diagnosed with Parkinsons 9 yeas ago, he is 58 years old just now.  Just thought it would be nice to speak to people who understand and for any tips for my dad :) 


thanks everyone,



Hi Kirsty and welcome to the forum....sounds like your dear Dad is coping well and how lovely for him to have the support from yourself. I was DX in 2013 but seems I had Parky for about 4 years before that. I have found great support and understanding from a smashing bunch on here. So if you want to ask questions or just need a chat anytime you will find all the help you need. Best wishes to you and your Dad and keep posting


Thank you Dolly :)

they think my dad has had Parkinsons for 11 years as it took a while for them to diagnose and thought it was problems coming from his back as he was a joiner.  Now my dad has freezing, tremors, slurred speech and can no longer work but he keeps going he is absoolutely amazing.  Thank you very much im looking forward to speaking to everyone here

Hi kirst

welcome to the forum I'm 59 used to be an hgv mechanic , I was dx in 2014 but they say Iv had parky about 5 years before that , glad to hear your dad is keeping going as that's the best thing he can do.

   Live well.  Cc


Hi Kirst and welcome to the forum. I hope you find loads of info about helping your dad still enjoy his life with parkinsons. We all try to keep our hopes up for a cure to this parkinsons but in the meantime we grin and bear it and keep smiling through, which I hope your dad does too. Keep posting for any help or advice you need, your dad is not alone in his plight.

Regards Sheffy