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Hi Forum :-))

I have just joined the PD forum so would like to introduce myself, I am a 59 year old male ex Army who left the military in 1992 and decided to take my chances and settle and work in Germany. I have a German wife and 2 boys that have flown the nest.

Having first being diagnosed with burn out syndrome in 2013 and perscribed anti depressants that did not improve the symptoms that I was experiencing I badgered my GP into getting further tests done in hospital it was then in 2015 that I was diagnosed with PD.

I am currently taking the following daily meds:

8mg Ropinirol

150 mg Lovodopa

problems sleeping - 25mg Quetiapin

Must admit this dosage definitely helps although i have never been a great believer in tablets (thats ironic!) & would like to reduce this dosage to a minimum when possible, (optomistic or what!!)

Well dont want to rabbit on too much for my first forum entry but would love to hear from other forum users with any advise (keep it clean!) or helpfull tips to keep on top off PD.

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Hi gb394  The only medication I take is 16 mg of Ropinirole per day, no other meds. I have had PD for six years now DX at the age of 57/58. Some pwp have more problems than other, we are not all the same,hence the need for the extra medications.

Welcome to the forum, you can get loads of advice etc., about all sorts of problems concerning PD, so keep posting!

All the best Sheffy

Welcome gb394

I was DX at 60 in 2013 though it appears i have probably had Parky since at least 2009. I am taking Madopar (Levadopa) 150 / 37.5, 4x a day plus Requip XL 10mgs at night (slow release Ropinirole) which was reduced from 16mg when i started the Madopar.

As Sheffy says we are all different, and you will always find help on this forum, so if you need a chat or advice we are a friendly bunch with at least ONE thing in common.... MR PARKY !!

Keeeeeeeeeeeeep Smiling 


Hi Sheffy

Thanks for taking the time to reply, much appreciated, I see your Ropinirole dosage is 16mg per day how does that affect your PD symptoms? I am on 8 mg per day along with the lovodopa but still have some un pleasant symptoms such as tremors, anxiety attacks, sleep problems & aches and pains in my arm & back (to name just a few).

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hi Dolly

Thanks for taking the time to reply & thanks for the warm welcome, I am looking forward to sharing my experience with PD on this forum it is nice to know your not on your own :-)))

have a nice evening



Hi gb394  - I started on 2mg at first and this has slowly been increased over the years as my symptoms have changed, this consisted of slowness of movement, including walking as my legs felt very heavy, difficulty turning over in bed, very painful cramps in my legs and feet mostly in the evening, becoming very emotional, tension in my head, plus the inevitable shakes. The meds don't actually stop the tremors completely but they ease them to a certain extent. I am afraid the meds only help to alleviate the symptoms and will not cure them and should help to make life a little easier, but as I said we are not all the same in our plight in fighting PD, or for that matter our symptoms. But we learn to live with it and learn to look on the bright side.  There maybe a parkinsons help group near to where you live if you google it, I belong to one and it is very good, we have speakers come to give us talks on various things, and we have outings.

All the very best and as Dolly said keep smiling! - Sheffy 

Greetings from Germany. Hope you are doing well. I was diagnosed in June this year but have had symptoms for over a year. German hospitals are really thorough! I'm on 150 mg of Clarium a day which is being increased to 250mg a day over the next two weeks in the hope that it can improve my tremor. Still working.


hhow are you doing on your meds?

Hi There,

Looks like we have a couple of things in common. I am ex military (Signals) left in 98 after 15 years. Got diagnosed only last Thursday and awaiting a consultation on the meds bit. Been struggling with PD symptoms for months (neck stiffness and upper back pain, loss of dexterity in my left hand and dragging of my left foot) so hoping to get some relief when i start my meds.


Research Ropinirole/dopamine agonists

 threads on the forum or generally on Google.

They may help on first diagnosis but getting off them is pretty awful.