Hello from Devizes

Hi. I’m a 52 yr old male and have been diagnosed since 2012. I try to keep a positive mental attitude and laugh at the PD as much as possible. I’m still working but reduced hours. I’ve always been an outdoors person and still enjoy a day in the woods. My passion is photography and love being out at night with a camera. I was quite a good wood carver but struggle to get motivated with it now. I would love a chat with someone who has DBS implants. Anyway must dash as I have a part time job making James Bond’s martinis.
Martin x

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Hi 2Crows
Hope you get the opportunity to test the martinis yourself.


Hi Martin,

Welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face: It’s good that you are keeping positive about your diagnosis. I try my best to do the same but at times, I know I just have to ‘not smile’ as I feel so ill or am in so much pain, so aim for a healthy balance of emotions.