Hello help offered in the Runcorn area, and possile meetups

Well, I swore I would never do this…but life is pretty crap at the moment and perhaps it is time to reach out…Diagnosed 2011 and life has been tough, I have gone from being a well respected head teacher, good job, good money, good relationship to currently living on benefits while trying to claim my pension, and getting my pension and benefits is causing me huge stress. There are days I am well and life looks ok but there are days I just want to curl up in a corner and die. People are kind but I. Im only 52 and it feels unfair. But I know there are people out there much worse than me… and I swore when I was diagnosed that I would define myself by the good I did…So if your in the Runcorn area and struggling reach out, I still drive and have a car…if I can help I would be honoured too.

Hi mate
Diagnosed at 42, 8 years ago.
Since then got divorced, suffered cancer, forced to step down from a high position role.
Living in Ellesmere Port
Always willing for a pint and a chat.
Stay positive
Hope to hear soon


Hi Tom

good to hear from you.

like you I exerienced relatioship breakdown and give up work.

A pint and a chat would be great, let me know when suits you.