Hello, I am new here

My 45 year old son was diagnosed 3 years ago. He lives alone 2 miles from me.I am 67 years old and live in Ayr in S.W. Scotland. I also live alone.
We are coping well enough.I do his ironing and some housework. He has had aids put in the house and awaits a toilet being fitted via the council and P.S. He has a cleaner for work I cannot do because of Osteoathritis. He works 4 days a week, 2 from home 2 at his office 35 miles away.He has some transport help to get him to work.
The only problem is painting the outside of the house and doing the garden.I advertised on a site that offers land and offered 1/2 acre free in return for weeding or grass cutting but had no luck. One woman wanted it and brought her small daughters but afterwards did not come back. I am certain she looked at him as an odd looking man because of the way he trips and because of his hands !
What do other people do about these problems ?
Also as you will see in my other post I need to know how to get raffle prizes. Any tips ?
Hi TM. I've just responded to your other post.

I suggest you contact our Helpline, their number is at the top left of this page. They are really useful and helpful, and can put you in direct touch with a qualified PD nurse, local branch or whatever.

Good luck!

:smile:hiya tiamaria,love the forum name,love that tipple:smile:welcome to the forum ,good friendly advice on her and plenty of good people to make friends with :smile:about the raffles ,i did a big collections day few weeks back and big raffle,i went and asked differnt shops and places if they would like to contribute to wards it ,and i had loas,now it depends on wot the raffles for this was for pd,:smile:it dificult situation i dunna no wot to say cus ur lad lives alone and works as well,im sure others can give advice but it differnt for me cus i bin dx 10 years and im 42 i have carers that come in now to me and i dont work no more:smile:ihave a neibour who does me gardinin for me so quite lucky there ,but i do me hangin baskits ilove that:smile:ihope well for ur lad and im sorry i can not help much more ,but there will be help for u here ,hope to see u round the forum xx:smile:
Hi tiamaria we did a raffle at the rest home i work in for Julias House again we asked local traders and they were most obliging Good luck chris
Hi Tiamaria,sorry to hear about your son.There are alot of young people contracting pd at a very young age (45 is still young to me).Does he lose balance alot, I must say I'm lucky in that respect. Mine is mainly shaky left arm but it can spread if I get stressed.I see a pd specialist every 6-8 months and they check my medication of which you can learn an awful lot about on here.I wish you all well and I hope he can get on with most things in life.People do you know for years and years and you will meet them on here too.I'm 72 nearly so next year I have to apply for another 3 years licence with the DVLA.I was diagnosed at 65 and told them when I was 70 as I felt reasonably okay and the Doctor thought so too.
No need to bother people unnecessarily.:wink:
Welcome, just have a trawl around the whole site. You will slowly learn a lot about this disease. Keep your chin up and just keep on going!

Best wishes

Hello, I am new here, and now wondering if this is the forum I should have joined. I am neither living with PD nor a carer. My 60 year old brother bless him [u]is[/u] living with PD. I don't see my brother alot as we live in different countries, we talk on the phone and Skype when he feels like it. I just want to try and find out all I can about PD. Just recently his 17 year old marriage has hit an all time low and they have decided to have a break from each other. There are 2 kids envolved in this as well, although they don't know anything of the full reason for the split and thank God they do not. Before I say to much I will await and see if this is the right place for me to vent my splee.

Many thanks and God bless you all
a very confused Radar47
hello radar 47 & welcome
i just "caught" your post as I was away for lunch. I see no reason why you should not make use of this forum. You may not have pd, nor be a carer for somebody who does, but you care about someone who has pd. I hope that you will find this forum as informative as I have, and I am sure that any contributions you care to make will add to our pool of knowledge
With best wishes to both you & your brother
Hello and welcome Radar, you are very welcome and I'm sure that you will learn much about your brothers condition. From what you have written about your brother and his relationship breakdown, I have a suspicion that you might be concerned about his behavior and are wondering if it has anything to do with the meds that he's on. Initially my suggestion is to ask what meds he is taking, if you know, this might explain your concerns. If you dont wish to discuss that at this point I would say..go to the Dopermine Agonist section of this site and read some of the threads there, you may just get an answer to you concerns. If you wish to private message me that's fine.

I'm sure that you will find some answers to you plight on the site.

Thank you so much Annbernadette and Glenchass for your welcome and giving me a safe place to come to for hopefully the answers that are flying about in my head. My brother seems to me to be a helpless soul, last weekend he rang my other sisters and myself telling us he had tried to hang himself, so we have been on red alert since talking to him about a doxen times a day and that's each of us. A neighbour who lives beside bro is a policeman and I got in touch with him as he has been friends with said bro for many many years. He told me when he found bro in the garage he did have a rope around his neck but because the length of rope used was to long he wouldn't have even given himself a sore throat. That does not take away the worry that he may find another way....I talk to him like I have always talked to him since he was a wee boy and even tell him off when he is being just plain silly. Alot more has come to light this past week of which I am more concerned about. I have read that certain drugs used in PD highten you sexually......well apparently he exposed himself to a neighbour across the road and she got the police who came and took away to spend a night in the cells.....he says he didn't do anything and I am afraid I am of the oponion that there is no smoke without fire.....For this reason his wife left him and took the kids and God forgive but I don't blame her one little bit....as for the drugs he is om I couldn't tell you but I know GP took him off all PD drugs on Tuesday past and gave him anti depressant tablets.......I don't know if this might come to court or not, he seems to think not because it has been proven that drugs used can make a body do strange things.....I don't know.....I just don't know. I only know that this last 8/9 days have mentally floored me as his phone calls are night and day none stop and I don't want to sound hard hearted either I want to be there for him but he makes no sense what so ever and just wont listen to what I say to him re help......sorry I have been going on some and I am thankful for any help/advice offered to me to help my brother.

Many thanks again
hello again radar47,
there are others here who have far more knowledge than I of the hypersexuality effects of certain PD drugs.I have no personal experience. The only thing that I can say is that you are a caring sibling & that you have indeed come to the right place.
I saw a new (to me) neurologist just a few weeks ago. I discussed with her some of my concerns.(to do with shopping) She (a very chatty lady) said that any concern re PD meds is not to be taken lightly & mentioned that she had a patient who , due to his PD meds, had erections at inappropriate times & places.
That you & your sisters , your brothers policeman neighbour and indeed your brother himself are aware of the situation can only be a good thing
With best wishes
Annbernadette many thanks again for taking the trouble to offer you help. You just brought to my mind (it's all over the place) that bro also has started gambeling very heavily and says he has turned into a shopaholic, gambeling was never a thing he ever did apart from the sweepstake in work once a year for the Grand National. Yet he seems to me not to be that worried about it. As I stated he and wife are living apart she is on the verge of a nervous breakdown with the worry of it all and how can blame her. I just lend a listening ear to both parties and try say the right things although I have given bro a verbal kick up the backside on afew occasions. I have been reading my way through the forum and find it all very honest and helpful.......
Thank you once again
Hi Radar.

Your fears about hypersexuality are well-founded. I was given a PD drug for 7 years, and during that time I became totally absorbed in most things sexual. What I didn't know at the time was what was causing these major changes: I'd been pretty much "dormant" for quite a while until then.

When we finally found out the cause I came off the drug, and the problem was sorted more or less immediately. Until then I'd been "at it" virtually all the time, including using prostitutes, multiple partners (at the same time that is), cross dressing, exhibitionism, bondage and so on. It also cost me a divorce.

There are many men AND WOMEN in this forum who have been through similar experiences, either themselves or their partners. Some ladies taking these drugs also became hypersexual and made "arrangements" on the internet to creep out in the middle of the night for illicit affairs with total strangers in Travelodges etc. The danger and risk of such meetings gave a massive buzz.

Make sure you quash this problem quickly. If you want to "converse" more privately, or would like more information, PM me. Otherwise dig out all the discussions we've had on this forum about the drug group "dopamine agonists.

Ray x
Radar, I suggest you switch this discussion to the TREATMENTS section, under the following thread:- "Dopamine Agonists and Catastrophic Obsessive/Compulsive Disorders: OCD problems caused by DA medication".

Meanwhile try not to be too hard on your bro. He might seem as crazy as a carrot but it's only(!) the drugs taking over his mind. I've been there done it and got the tee shirt.

Is he spending excessively too?

See you in the other thread?

Ray. :wink:
My son became addicted to gambling as a result of his drugs. Once they were changed he no longer had that problem.
His girlfriend of 5 years took the news of his Parkinson's very badly. She became very strained by it and they agreed that he should move into his own place 2 years ago.They have continued the relationship, but they are both far happier living apart. It works for them.
I hope your brother gets all the help he needs and that you continue to do your best in a difficult situation.
TiaMaria, thank you and I hope your son keeps as well as he can.
God bless you and son.

Radz x