Hello i am new

hello to everyone, i am new to this so please excuse any mistakes.
my name is joplin, my husband was diagnosed with parkinsons about five years
ago.does any one out there suffer with alot of pain.if so how do you deal with it.
Hi Joplin

Welcome to the community. I am sure that you you will get a lot of ideas and support to help answer your questions.

you might also want to have a look at our information sheet on Pain


Hi and welcome! I think we all suffer with varying degrees of pain and discomfort and I cope with my by exercising to relieve the stiffness and soreness of my muscles and also by the use of topical creams with Ibuprohen etc.

I hope this helps, if your husband is suffering badly then maybe a trip to the GP to be asked for referral to pain management clinic? Good luck!
Hi Joplin,

Welcome to our forum. You will find lots of info and empathy here. The PUK information sheets are really helpful.

Unfortunately, pain is often a Parkinson's symptom - even early on. I wholeheartedly agree with BJS that stretching and exercise (at whatever level can be managed) does wonders for stiffness and aching muscles. Pilates and yoga have been mentioned elsewhere on the forum and you might like to Search for those threads. Whether your husband goes for drugs to deal with pain is a very personal choice and probably depends on a number of factors (including other underlying conditions). Judging from what I have read on this website, ibuprofen seems to be widely used but it doesn't suit everyone. Personally, I take ibuprofen and amitriptyline at bedtime because pain bothers me most at night and I have a back problem. As BJS also said, your GP/family doctor is the best person for your husband to ask first because the doctor should know his medical history.

Best wishes.
hi welcome, i am recently new aswell. i suugest talking to your consultant or parkinsons nurse, they should be able to offer some help
thank you all for your replys. he has just started doing exerzise and stretching
and says it does help

I know of a number of people including my husband who have been prescribed AMITRPTYINE , . It is an antidpressant, but now also used in lower doses for nerve pain ..
hi welcome to puk forum,im ali been dx for 11 years,im 42 years old:smile:dealinin with pain is a big thing for me self,but i have other conditons o on morphine,mst and liquid. but i gues it helps towards pain with pd as well.i also have 8 parcetmol aday and amterlipterline for durnin the nite.exercise helps with pain ,funny a :laughing:but i find it does,i go to the local gym done through the gp.and i found that very helpful.i used to get lot of pain in my rite shoulder,cus of pd,streachin it helped alot.may be ur hubby could ask ur gp about the exercise programe in the local gym by u.also goin on the wii machine helps,playin bowls and tennis,ur havinin fun ,and helpin ur pd musscles as well:smile:
Hi Joplin you did mention the type of pain your husband has.myself I've got cramp pains in legs arms and hands which also makes everything tight to move and that's constant and does get worse.ive also got central pain which is like a stabing pain.ive a swollen gland which is a pulsating pain and nerve pain on r/h side of face.ive just been putting up with it all but one trying tramadol and paracetamol .managed swimming today which helped a little but I doing it to try to keep mobile.if the tramadol works I'll keep you informed.twins99
does anyone else get a sharp pain underneath their heel . It usually wakes my husband up in the early hours . I am assuming it is cramp maybe caused by shortening of the achilles tendons
husband gets cramp in his legs which is painfull. he also has shoulder pain that could be arthritis, nobody seems to know. has anyone used a tens machine, if so did it do any good.
Hello Joplin, I have got and use a tens machine very often and yes, I find it does help greatly with my pains and aches. Takes a bit of getting used to but once you gave found the pulses that suit you it certainly helps. If you do decide to give it a try please let us know how your O/H gets on with it.

Radz x