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Hello everyone

I’m Sarah, I’m British but currently living in Austria. My mum has quite advanced Parkinson’s which she was diagnosed with a couple of years ago - she’s 73. I’ve joined this site to get in touch with other people in the same or similar situation to share information and give and get support. It’s been emotionally difficult watching my mum’s abilities ebb away but I try to stay positive.

We had an issue recently with my mum’s mobile phone - as it was a touch screen and she was having lots of difficulty using it which was getting worse. This has caused a real problem for me as it is the only way I can hear from her living abroad, so when she stopped using it I felt I was losing her…sounds dramatic, but that’s how important the communication aids are to me. We’ve since bought a button phone for her which she’ll get next week, but if anyone can recommend a usable phone for people with their hands shaking it would be amazing and any other aids too. I read an article about the hand massager - anyone tried these - do they help?

Thanks and please feel free to chat to me or ask me anything and I would love to meet people dealing with this disease.
All the best and Merry Christmas,

Hi @SarahBiss, welcome to the forum, whilst i’m unable to help you with your situation I thought I would acknowledge your presence. This is in the hope that there will be someone will come along who can give you some help. This forum is a friendly place, there are some really decent people on here.

I have had the disease for ten years, my wife is a saint for putting up with me as long as she has . LOL There have been ups and downs as you get in any relationship. I have a Deep Brain Stimulator fitted which tells the Brain to produce more Dopamine. Recently I had a battery change, my second, this time i’ve had a rechargeable one fitted which means my wife just plugs me into the mains every week !! Seriously, it is like charging a mobile phone, I have battery which I charge and then transfer the charge through a pad which I hold over my DBS and it charges, Hopefully, this battery will last longer than the three and a half years my last one did, it was controlled by an i-pod which needed frequent charging plus it was modern technology which i’m not into !! Have yourself a great xmas and let’s hope that 2022 brings a change in fortunes regarding the pandemic. Take care and be safe.


Hi Sarah

I use “Facetime” on my iPad to talk to my son who lives in the USA.
It is free on the internet.


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Hello SarshBliss
This was brought to my attention just this week and it may be worth looking into, it certainly sounds good and if I am reading it correctly can connect through WiFi or inbuilt sim card. If you do look into it I would be interested to know what you think because it could potentially help a lot of people. Part of me thinks can it be that easy? lol

Good luck

Hi Sarah,

You can try PCL Connect Tablet , my grandma using this and she is very happy with it