Hello im new here


Hi My name is chippins. I was diagnosed wth PD in 2002. From that point my life has been slowly dismantled. I became more and more addicted to porn.
Socio phobia, Aphasia and more recently Lewey bodies slowly changed my personality. I lost my job. My wife left me. I became more isolated wen mum was diagnosed Alzheimers and I became her carer. Which further restricted me from going out looking for someone to share life with. One by one I lost 90% of my friends. My sexuality has changed, Because I am now hypersexual and Because I am no longer a good catch for the opposite sex. I am turning my atention to men.


Hi Chippins

Like you i am relatively new to the forum but  since i joined i have found it to be friendly and very helpful

i was diagnosed with PD in August this year , i can fully sympathise with you , my partner also left when he found out about my PD  , I used to help care for my mum who also has Pd   but am now unable to do this due to my Pd .

Just thought i would say hi and welcome you to the forum


Thank you Shelly 

and hi



Your very welcome chippins