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Hello everyone thanks for letting me join the forum.

I was diagnosed in 2010 age 45. This is a huge year ive just been given an apo pump to try out as my two hourly sinemet, tolcapone x3 and amantadine x3 daily are not having same effect. So far so good but struggling to find a good method of wearing it in workplace. Im blessed to have My husband who has supported me all the way. Ive also been put forward by my local neurologist for deep brain simulation and assessment as to my suitability begins next week. Life is surreal at the moment so keen to share and hear how to cope. We moved to new zealand in 2008 and now have dual ctizenship with uk. Interested to know how the support provide in both hemispheres differ. Thanks again kind folk.

Hi @Elsie03,

Welcome to the forum.

I’m sure you’ll receive a lot of great advice from your fellow members. However, in light of the information you’ve given, I thought you’d be interested to know that we have a lot of information on work and Parkinson’s that you may find useful.

Please feel free to contribute to different threads that you feel is of interest and I hope you enjoy using the forum.

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Hi Elsie03,

I have had Deep Brain Stimulation done(I am now 65) and in fact am going back to Addenbrookes next week to have the battery changed(I am on St Judes system, there is also Medtronic and Boston Scientific). If you are successful then grab it with both hands you won’t be disappointed. The operation for me was seven hours but they may do it differently to when I had it done(this was four and a half years ago) but although it sounds daunting don’t be put off. Go with a positive attitude and all will be well. If you want anymore help or information just give a shout I am about most days.


Thanks Reah, appreciated.

Elsie. :yum:

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