Hello ! New friend to the grup

Good morning to all, 

I'm very happy and proud to be part of this community !!! Thanks a lot!!!

I'm 49 years old and I was diagnosed with Parkinson around 3 years ago. I have affected the whole left side of my body but I have yet complete autonomy.  I have no tremors but I have strong stiffness, slowness and many muscle aches.

I decided to explain my experience with the disease in a blog with the only aim to help anyone (and myself,  explaining my feelings and worries).  It is a personal blog that can never be lucrative. I have obtained  the total inability to work by the Spanish Social Security. Until then,  I worked at Deloitte Spain almost 26 years and I 've had to withdraw from the disease , as a partner of this Firm.

I invite you to visit, when you can, my blog at arturamich.wordpress.com and, please, excuse me about it's English translation because I know that I must improve it. 

Many thanks
Kindest regards to all