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Im 50 yrs old and have been suffering with my shoulder for years and had been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder 10 ish years ago which was treated and seemed to disappear,then around 2 years ago the pain / stiffness returned this time though diagnosed as a shoulder impingement ? .
Then one evening i noticed a slight tremble in my lower arm around 18 months ago ,which would kind of come and go and when i tried to make people (inc Doctor) see it i just couldn’t make my arm shake,the doctor said its probably a benign essential tremor and not a lot can be done,so its got progressively worse and my doctor refered me to a nuerologist,who seems to think my symptoms are somewhere in the middle of PD and ET but she thinks its more than likely PD .

So ive been booked for a Brain dopamein Transporter test and the nuclear department of my local hospital and am terrified never spent a night in hospital never broke a bone ,

can anyone tell me what to expect ?

Hi, I have not had your tests but I can tell you the first time I was in hospital locally for a broken bone I did feel like a fish out of water not knowing the ropes so to speak but all questions were answered however silly they may seem to be so if you don’t know ask. Since being in hospital for specialised tests I have got more used to it. So while i can’t help with your own tests generally, ask ask and ask again if you don’t know, they can be surprisingly noisy places and time can hang heavy so take magazines, your tablet or whatever to pass the time. I have always been well looked after I hope you find the same. Good luck, I hope all goes well.2

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Hi Simon,

Is it a DATscan that you’re going to have? If so you won’t need to spend a night in hospital only a few hours and they’re really good at explaining the whole process beforehand. I had one and it was very straightforward. I’ve also never spent a night in hospital (except maternity wards) and the only bone I ever broke was my left hand little finger!

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yes was straight forward and went OK ,just waiting for diagnosis now.