Hello new user

Hello ,
I have have come on here to make friends and just have a chat. I have suffered from parkinsons for 4 years now after loosing my husband.
I also suffer with aniexty and depression.
Any tips on how to make things easier.

My daughter is writting this for me because i am just learning how to use a computure which i am excited about. :grin:


Good for you flowerpower for learning to use the computer, it opens up a whole new world to you. I would be lost without my laptop.

I am Caroline and I was diagnosed in March this year, I have made loads of friends within the PD forums which has been a great support.

Look forwards to chatting to you

Caroline x


Hello Flowerpower
Im sorry your having such a bad time Ive only learnt some computer stuff since I was dx last year
Im so glad your daughter is helping you I had on off depression for 5 years and think it was always p d related
I think like me your family and friend will help you get through:grin:
All the best Adrian

Welcome Flower,
nice to meet you, ive been online 11 years now, if you need any help just holaaaa !! ill try my best to assist......... ((hugs))

welshbearuk aka Hugh from south wales !!
keep safe

hello its ages since ive been here

Hello Flower power nice to meet you i pop on now n then when i have a problem and 9 time outta 10 someone gets back to me with something i can use .Keep your chin up and its never too late to find World Of Warcraft for those long nights you will find me @darkspear as trollaxer or @moonglade as dreadqu :}

hello been to see my parkinson nurse today she has advise me to keep using my computer iam very excited and looking forward to making new friends. how are u managing to sleep at night? any ideas which can help?


Hi there Flowerpower. This forum is the perfect antidote to depression. Especially "social club" . Keep posting and persevere with that computer.


hello flowerpot. I am 62 and I have a daughter too. After diagnosis I had dreadful anxiety and was put on Prozac (Fluoxitine) and it has helped me hugely. I am on PD medication and am very active, couldnt work, but having a good time. I had a very positive friend who helped me to accept being ill at the beginning. It does help to have a close buddy, especially one with a sense of humour and hope you have or make a good friend.

Should have said Fluoxitine helped with sleeping. I have never been a good sleeper. My PD medicine affects my sleeping. I now try to just relax if I wake up and cant get back to sleep, and read a bit.

hi there thank u all for your reply s i really look foward to useing my computer i am back on my prozac and propanol which are helping me now.
Have you any good books to do with parkinsons? or good tips which can help ?.
How are you all ?

Hello flowerpower my name is hopefull recently joined and if you read my 1st post you will see new to computer as well. Really enjoying it mind you pd nurse is worries that i am hooked on it because the medication i take requip has been to to make you have addictions.I think the thing is because i dont sleep very much and am using computer most of the day and in middle of the night there's just so much you can learn.Like you to i have surrered with anxiety and depression most of my life mid twenties am now 57 on weds so taken anti depressants for very long time. recently diagnosed with parkinson approx 6months ago think i have accepted it quite well but my partner has not he insists because i have disc probles in my back it is to do with trapped nerves.This is all very well him having positive attitude but it is hard for me trying to make him understand that i have got it have had dat scan which lot of people are not fortunate enough to get. think i have rambled enough Welcome

Hi again Flower
I take sertraline for my depression and amiltripteline to help me sleep it doesnt always work but I am much calmer
now failing that I find beer helps :grin: I like real ale although red wine has the same effect
I have just read Ponderings On Parkinsons by Sarah Nock and found it honest useful but mainly funny
I bought it on Amazon there are a range of books on p d but most I think are depressing medical ones
all the best Adrian

If you google "Daily Telegraph Guide to Parkinsons" you will get the link to buy this book which I find to be a straightforwardd yet comprehensive guide to PD and to the medicines and load of practical tips for daily living with Mr.P. Its written by a Canadian specialist with long experience with PD and his father before him.

hello this is flower power, How are you all ? i am recently paying to see a hypnotist which is helping me to try and help with my anxiety and to help build my confidence she has gave me some cd to listen to my parkinsons nurse say s my parkinsons is fine at the moment .Good to hear that some other people side of there stories and that they are learner the compututre.
Also thank you for that book link going to have a look now.