Hello! Please help ☺

I wonder if anyone can help please? My nan has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease by her consultant and has been admitted to hospital vis Ambulance after a suspected UTI (thankfully it’s not that!) We’ve been fighting for a diagnosis for over two years as her mobility has got worse and she has severe anxiety and depression (which was her previous diagnosis before this by her GP, she was given anti depressants which didn’t make any difference. We fought for more help and answers as we weren’t happy and second opinions, we had a mental health team after two years as she lost her husband 4 years ago due to COPD.) Eventually after lots of second opinions and wanting answers, she also has carers too! After she had a severe mental health breakdown a year ago (little known to think this could have been Parkinson’s related) me and my mum, plus my auntie help care for my nan. Her son’s don’t help sadly or want to know with my nan, she’s very paranoid, anxious and has all the classic symptoms of PD. Me and my mum were researching it this year, and it fit my nan like a glove almost? Then we knew that this wasn’t right. She was previously diagnosed twice by another GP and that she needs a Neurologist urgently! Unfortunately My nan is very stubborn and hates hospitals, she hasn’t been in for a long period since having her cataracts done back in 2006 for a few hours and even then she was terrified, but she went though it okay! She’s 79 years old, and she also has High Blood Pressure and Diabetes (which she is on medication for). Sadly her son (as my nan wasn’t in a very good frame of mind made her throw away the Neurology letter) and my nan was throwing away three more of them, plus hanging up phone calls as well! As you can imagine we weren’t very happy and told her that she’ll be okay and that we’ll be with her every step of the way. We’ve cared for her for over 4 years, alongside we cared for my grandad as well with end of life care. Thankfully now she’s starting to accept it, and she’s very stubborn and yet very active too. Sadly with PD it did get her not that way, plus she does have a fear of going outside as she’s struggled to get outside the door since the passing of my grandad made this exacerbated also as that’s why she had the mental health team in. She’s now having Levodopa & Carbidopa, physio and a Parkinson’s Nurse to help her as she’s going to be in for at least three weeks. We’re seeing her every day, and making sure she’s okay and having fresh clothes, towels and whatnot! Plus she’s going to have a wetroom fitted too, as we’ve been fighting for that for years due to her loss of mobility. We are all new to this :purple_heart:

It is good that you and your nan are now getting the help needed. The parkinsons nurse, the helpline and this forum do give support when you feel you cannot cope. Best wishes

Hello there. That’s a pity but I agree with the previous post.