Hello there

Hi everyone ,
I joined this forum so I can help my parents , my dad was daiagnosed with PD in November , but we suspect he has had it for a few years .
Its hard to accept and has knocked the family for six , I think it has affected me more to be honest seeing my dad as he is .
I hope to find some valuable information from this forum .
Thats all really :grin:

regards happy feet
Hello Happy Feet and welcome
I like your screen name - it creates a cheery & cuddly image :-)

I wish I had known about this forum or something like it when I was diagnosed 6 years ago. The time after diagnosis is hard for everyone in the family. Its hard for the person diagnosed but I know it can be just as bad for close family members and in some ways worse.
The good news is that you don't have to face it alone. There are many many people here who have been through the disruption that you are facing now and can help you to deal with it.

Elegant Fowl
Hello - It sounds like your talking about me, I am new with PD in November also, I am 73 and was I knocked back a peg or 2. I was Fell walking until 2 years ago when I started running out of steam, now realise what it is, still looking thought the writings of others, so far very encouraging you have come to the right place
:smile:All the best oldboy walker.
thank you for welcome,
My screen name is from one of my fav films 'happy feet' the penguin which dances , i am so pleased it makes people feel happy and bouncy , if you like the name try watching the film it will certainly make you laugh :grin:

I think all of you who have PK are very brave with what you are facing and I am honoured to be a part of this forum and I am looking forward to getting to know you all .
regards happy feet x
Hi happy feet [::biggrin::
The shock is a big thing one of the hardest things I had to do was tell my kids about my PD, takes awhile for that numbness to wear off. But once you regain your focus you set off again but this time knowing what's happening and that you have the support of your family. Your love and support will help enormously. I really hope you have a wonderful Christmas and happy new year!:grin:
hiya happy ,feet ,love ur forum name:smile:welcome to puk:smile:im ali i been dx for 11 years im 42 years old:smile:sorry to here about ur dad,but happy feet u gotta look at it this way ,it not the end of the world,ur dad has all the luv for u ,and u for him,so wot do u think is the most important thing,luv:wink:nothin is stronger than luv,family around u ,and u sitin there with ur dad helpin him to come to terms of this disease him self,is the best gift,he sittin there lookin in to ur eyes,nowin u care so much is the best thing.so wot im tryin to say to u happy feet is.be there for him,and all will be ok,things fall in to place ,i promise,this forum will give u the surport,guidence u need ,the nollage u require,but keep luvin him for who he is,and all will be ok.family is the best thing anyone could wish for,u got one ,and keep on to it.be safe,and dunna worry ,x:smile:
Hello, welcome and Merry Christmas!

Ray, 61, Hull. Dx 11 years.

See you around!
hello Happy Feet,

I have a number of symptoms, but have not been dx yet. Very frustrating. I just found out that my newest symptom is most likely related to PD...but the doctors have not caught on to that yet. I had my heart tested, and its fine, and now they're doing lungs tests in Jan., but no one has said it could be PD. I have to call the PD nurse this week....as my GP does not seem to have a clue.

You will get some help here, and can have some fun, make new friends....all sorts of personalities here, like any group....so we're glad to have you join us -sometimes we just need a shoulder to lean on....and there always seems to be someone on then...

I'm over in the US...hope to visit the UK someday -my gran was from Wales, so I have an affinity for things from the UK, also had relatives way back from Ireland. Since I've over the pond, I am usually on here at odd hours...often miss friends, but I keep trying....

Hope you are having good holidays.....its late now, so I'll say goodnite....sleep well ....:smile:::]nonnameme
Hi happy and also Noname. Im 46 and from London. Im newly diagnosed. Hope you find the forum as useful as I have. Take care of you!
Hi Happy Feet and welcome to the forum
It is big shock getting diagnosed for everyone concerned
I was dx last year age 47 I think your dad is lucky to have such a caring son
My son is 26 and we have not always seen eye to eye but I think my having pd has
brought us closer together:grin:

All the best for new year