Hello to all members

Hi all,
Newly diagnosed and clueless on a steep learning curve and adjusting.
Looking forward to reading other members views and experiences and hopefully lean more and share.

Hello Ter,

Welcome to the forum where you will find plenty of information and support so do please ask whatever your concern may be, someone will have an answer.
You will also find that the fact sheets provided by PDUK will give you lots of information, you can download these of the PDUK website.
best wishes
Hi Ter and a warm welcome to the forum
The time after diagnosis can be confusing and stressful for all concerned. Parkinson's is a complex condition that affects each of us differently. I think everbody benefits from the chance to chat to people in the same situation and this is the ideal place to start. I was dx 7 years ago at age 39 and I keenly remember the shock, the tears and the anger when I discovered that my lazy arm wasn't caused by a trapped nerve and it wasn't going to go away.
I hope you find as much support from the forum as I have. You will find people here of all sorts and with experience of just about every aspect of life with Dr Parkinson.
I hope you will keep posting. You can ask questions, rant, laugh, cry whatever you need......

Elegant Fowl
Thank you both for the warm welcome and pointers, it is good to know there is a place where you can share.
For me I thought I was suffering from stress for a year as my arm and leg would not stop shaking.
Well now I am here and glad to know you and hopefully many more.

Hi Ter

I am 53 and have been Dx since March 2011. Still working full time, still a mum, grandma and wife.

I believe attitude plays a large part in coping with this impairment (not always easy to have a positive attitude I know)

Are you on any meds yet?. If you find one that suits you it can really help with the symptoms. I, unfortunately am one of the few that cannot tolerate Dopamine Agonists and so it has been a challenging time however, most people do well on these for a few years at least.

Life can go on pretty much as normal if you let it (with a few tweaks here and there)

Good luck

Hi Caroline,

Thanks for your message and you are right attitude is important. I am 52 and have survived two forms of cancer and have had renal colic for 30yrs and have dealt with it.
This time it is a shock I must admit and also the meds ( Selegiline ) seem to make me feel worse but it's early days yet and I am sure I will get back on top.
Thanks for your support.

hi ter,welcome to puk forum,im ali been dx for 11 half years,im 43 years old,there is lots of good advice to been givern on here,and lovley friends to make.the help line for puk is brilliant,so if you need more advice ,dont hesitate to ring them,always some one there to speak to you.:smile:
Hi Ter

Welcome to the forum many lovely people here to give advice and support. Seems you have been through a lot of testing times with illness. Hope you keep posting and see round the forum.

Take care Love PB x
Hi Ter Welcome
you have allready had some great advice
I dip in and out of the forum I was dx 2010 aged 47 and the help
and support Ive recieved has been fantastic
It was is a massive shock but 2yrs on I feel lucky ie still working
supportive family and friends
All the best Adrian
Thanks Guys,
Looks like I'm good company, not been online for a couple of days so sorry for the late response.
Looks like this medication takes some adjusting as the headache and chest pains have me worried.


Hi Ter
I am a new member but have been diagnosed since feb 2008 I am now 53yrs and still working I have also been through the trauma of cancer and like Caroline have been through the cupboard of drugs with various side effects over the 4 1/2 years at the moment I am having muscle and joint pains and my Neurologist has been away so my GP has been juggling two of my drugs AHH :cry: My GP is fantastic but he is also my boss and he try's his best and one thing that is a great help if you have one is your Parkinson"s nurse she will be full of advice and support is you do not have one then PD UK also have a great help line as well as this forum keep posting as some one will have experienced things you may be going through and help you make life easier :laughing: I work in a GP practice and patients with PD mention things that I think Ha Ha thats what has happened to me PD is individual to each suffer so the books and web sites do not have all the answers but a forum of suffers will and your local forum will be a god send so hunt them out and join there too. good luck.
Hi Ter
Welcome to the forum gang. You say that your on a steep learning curve about pd. Do not worry, but that curve will get a little bumpy at times. You have the help line to contact and plenty of help, advice and encouragement from many good people on the forum. All the best
Thanks guy for all the support it is most welcome and a positive boost to me :grin: