Hello to all

Hello all my name is Tom. Not from the UK . But the USA. 64 year young and happy to join your forum! I am not sad that PD came my way. One must deal with things and realize everyone has bridges to cross. In my case I played contact sports(football, Boxing and was a machinist around many metal and chemicals) as well as not far from farm country. So who knows where the PD comes from. My wife and I knew I had something for a long time before my diagnosis.(4 Years ago). Here in the states IMO the general physicians have little knowledge of PD. Our doctors send you everywhere to all the disease specialists first before you ever get to a nuerolgist. Also our insurance companies dictate what tests you can have. They have as much power over your health as the doctors. I am mid term stage 3 at this time. I exercise as much as possible and just keep positive. I am very happy to be excepted to your forum. I will use your forum to learn and share anything I think can help. To finish on a ending observation. A disease Like PD unifies people! No matter what country, color of skin,or religion we end up with a common goal that we work on to make the world a better place. So I guess having PD has a positive side. Good day to all.

H @i Omahatom

It’s good to think possiive Welcome to the forum

Hi Omahatom
I’m Scottish Tommy although now living in Oxfordshire England
Welcome my friend to our club where advice is abundant and your advice to the care giver was most appreciated .unfortunately our sporting days are behind us as I too was an amatuer boxer .
Now it’s just walking and walking and maybe a little walking with my friend Sammy a springer spaniel .
Games I’m afraid are rather dangerous now especially darts and snooker, pool for shaking reasons and public toilets are just not a good idea if you no what I mean.
However as you say the upside is being in this club of people who make you feel welcome and wonder why you ever got on a downer at all .
Hope to stay in touch touch but you probably think I’m nuts and you would be right.
I’m out of my tree , knitting with only one needle in fact in full flight over the nest of the Cuckoo LOL
Welcome citizen of the planet
Nannoo Nannoo .
Tommy :pill::pill::pill::pill:

Morning all,

My 1st time on the forum having been diagnosed on 21/12/18 aged 55, so many questions, concerns and emotions going round my head that I have no idea where to start! :blush:
Hopefully over the coming months you will all be able to help fill in the blanks.

Have a good Christmas


Hi there, take it slow and steady, there’s plenty of time for information, advice and so on. Get used to the diagnosis, you will find as we all do, a way of living with our friend PD…and you will laugh albeit black humour. Don’t let it spoil Christmas and hope you find the forum helpful and supportive. Merry Christmas!

Hello T1 this omahatom I used to run Springer Spaniels in Field trials. We run our trial to the English rules. Hup For sit. I had one that flushed pheasants with a great leap. Loved those dogs. I also years back imported two dogs from europe a German Longhaired Pointer she looked like a irish setter on steroids. The other a french spaniel he looked like a tall Springer. Great dogs could trail foot and point as well. Have A good day.

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TonyA what Tot says is very correct. With PD to ad you exercise and stretch as much as you can. If you don’t move it you will slowly lose it. Exercise fights depression as well. Keep your chin up PD is not the end. Attitude. Excuse my spelling it is not a Symptom of PD. Rather from looking out the window as a child at school instead of listening to the teacher.LOL