Hello to the forum

Hello, my name is David and I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s within the last few months. I was watching BBC Breakfast this morning and caught Mike Tindall’s interview which has prompted me to join here. I’m 68 years young and retired having spent 50 as a Merchant Navy officer and 34 of those years as Captain on some of the most advanced Gas vessels in the World. Parkinson’s has crept up on me and sought diagnosis when the resting tremors in my left arm and hand became apparent to me and my wife. I hope to learn a lot from this forum and it’s members.

Hi David and welcome to the forum, you will find it and its members are friendly and helpful so anything that is on your mind just ask away. Although we have Parky we are all different and have our own coping strategies. Take care and stay safe.


Hello CaptDAR and all other members of the forum,
My name too is David and I also was prompted to join the forum as a result of the Mike Tindall interview on BBC Breakfast TV yesterday. A short version of my story is that I was diagnosed in 1998 with PD at the age of 49 and continued working as a pre-press technician with a well known local printing company until 2008 when I took voluntary redundancy and retired from work. It was suggested to me by my neurological consultant at one of my appointments that DBS might be a direction worth following and after tests and much discussion with my wife and family I took the plunge and had the procedure carried out at Queen Square in London in March 2016. This has been life changing for me and I am now enjoying my retirement with walking, gardening and I am still able to drive.

Hello CaptDAR and DCGS
Just thought I would add my welcome to the forum to that of cruise controller. The forum is a useful place to ask questions and get honest answers but it is also a place for more lighthearted things.
My best wishes to you both

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Hi @CaptDAR and @DCGS ,
Welcome both of you to the forum. Hope you will find the forum is useful and looking forward to hear more about your journey with the unexpected guest.
Take care.