I'm not sure I'm doing this right, so apologies if not.

My partner has been diagnosed recently with PD, I have progressive MS.

Not a lot else I need to add at this stage, I think.



I'm fairly new on this forum too. It seems to be a matter of just joining in and chatting. Don't worry about talking on here, as long as you don't give personal identifying details your identity and diagnosis are safe from being discovered by others you would rather didn't know. Personally I have found it reassuring to speak to other PD people on the forum. It doesn't change the fact that I have PD but I do feel less "alone". I do have a supportive OH and family but I'd rather not keep on about PD to them too much.

Aye aye jo 

how are you getting on these days ? We all have PD on here but we are all different so don't listen to all what. You see on here but some will have some similaritys it helps some to talk about it , I hope the MS goes into remission good luck to you both 


JoH it helps if you can talk about PD, take small steps to build your confidence, my side effects are memory loss and loss of balance occasionally.