I am the 62 year old wife of a Parkinson's sufferer.  My husband is 74 and was formally diagnosed almost 5 years ago, although had been showing symptoms (loss of ability to smell, loss of facial expressions, no swing to left arm and finally tremor in left arm) for 3 years prior to diagnosis.  Endured a GP telling him he was a man on a mission to find something wrong with himself and a neurologist who was unprofessional and downright rude.  He had twice to see this neurologist who struggled to stop slouching in his chair and look at us before he finally took notice of what we were saying and ordered a DAT scan.  GP just phoned a week or so later and said you have Parkinson's Disease.

Thankfully my husband was still working in London and we asked to be transferred to Kings College Hospital London for Parkinson's care.  Their care is excellent although we've yet to meet the new Parkinson's nurse.

i joined this forum because I'm feeling like I am married to a different person and I struggle with the loss of our marriage.  I mostly feel lonely as my husband's concentration levels are severely affected.  He can't sit and watch the TV because his restless legs kicks in and he hallucinates becoming immersed in whatever is on the TV. He is obsessed with 'doing' and starts lots of projects around the house but forgets to finish them.  Etc etc etc

i'm sure there are many of other carers /partners out there dealing with a lot worse. 



Welcome Plus 1 to the forum, i can truly say we can all sympathise with you, living with a partner with  Parkinsons can be as hard as living with Parkinsons itself. I have Parkinsons myself and can sit and cry sometimes simply because I don't want to have it because it can be so frustrating and debillatating but can't do anything about it, and i  wouldn't wish it on anyone else. I'm not trying to make you feel guilty in any way by what you have posted, I'm agreeing with you even to the point of you saying that it comes between your marraige. We have been very happily married for 45 years that is until the last the last couple of years, I have had parkinsons for nearly eight years, and it is starting to come between us in many ways but can't put a finger on exactly what. It would help you to cope if there is a Parkinsons group local to you live where you can join and talk to people in the same situation as yourselves. I wish you both well and that you will eventually come up with a happy medium to suit your life style, the same as I am looking for.