My names is Zagavei Emilia Paula, I am 47 years old and I have Parkinson.
Two years ago I underwent a brain surgery, after which a tumor (meningioma) was removed and another was shrunk to make the gamma knife rays.Besides the tumor rest I have Parkinson’s disease, asthma, disc herniation, atheromatosis, periventricular leukaryosis, optic nerve atrophy, cerebral lacunarism, osteoporosis, and many other problems.I live in a small town in Romania( Saveni, Botosani) in a disadvantaged county and I would like to set up an antiparkinson association, because here there are none in the area and there are many helpless patients. We have drawn up the status of the association, which will be called “THE SOUL OF LALELS” and will finalize the establishment of the association. Having no experience will ask for help with tips for optimal performance, such as ways to help patients, methods of financing, and more. I would be honored to become your friend and guide me to make her bring a sunshine into the homes of the sick.

Zagavei Emilia Paula