Hi my Name is Samantha

And i look after my mum who has parkinsons for 5 years.

Looking forward to reading other members views and experiences and hopefully lean more and share.

and support from other members right now would be great as i dont no any one who looks after any one with parkinsons.

Welcome Samantha

Any problem you've got bring it here and there will be someone who will try to help.
Hi Samantha

I agree with Mosie: there are many understanding carers on this site who will reply to you, I'm sure. You are certainly not alone.

How is your mum?
hi ya samantha,welcome to puk forum,im ali,ive been dx with pd for 11 half years im 43 years old.the good way to meet other carers samantha is to go to your nearest pd meeting,they have them once a month,if you give the helpline on puk a call they will be able to guide you to were the nearset one is to your home,it is also great for your mom to,to meet other people,i belong to a group,and so to many other community members here on the forum,and wot ive herd so far is all good:smile:also samantha i think the helpline can gude you to a carers meeing as well,i hope this helps a little:smile:there is plenty of avice here on the forum,nice people to meet and make friends to,giving each other surport.hope to see you about the foum samantha,and may be you mom also x:smile:
Hello Samantha and welcome,

I have been a carer for my husband for the last thirty years, he is in a nursing home now but you still have to be very "hands on " all the time.
Please post on here any problems you may have or when you just need a chat as it helps to know that there are people out there for you and your Mum.
You will gets lots of help to get you both through the various stages of this condition,you do not say how hold your mum is, it would be useful as people vary so much and it can be quite different for younger members.
Best wishe to you both
Hi Samanthax.
Welcome to the forum. Here on the forum are many many pd sufferers and carers who have a wealth of experience of pd. You will find that by joining the forum you have joined a great band of people and increased your ircle of friends.
I'm sure your mum appreciates all you do for her.
Thanks for all replys i could really do with the suport right now my mum is not doing very good she had another fall today
Which made her broke her wrist :(.

Best wishes

Hi Samantha

So sorry to hear about your Mum's fall. It must be so worrying for you but I am sure she appreciates your support.

Keep posting.

Thanks for your reply im really worryed and stressed about me mum
At the moment hope things get better.

Best wishes

Hello and welcome Sammy, I'm sure that you will get support from other carers on the site ass they are a very supportive bunch of people.

You say that you have been caring for you mum for five years and I wondered if that has that been on a full time basis, if you have it can be very draining for you?

You may want to contact your mums GP and of your local CAB to inquire if there are any carers support groups in your locality that may be able to offer you face to face support.

You don't say whether you live with your mum, so I also wonder just how much time off from caring that you are getting as you really need to take some time out for yourself.

Do keep in touch and let us know how things are.