Hi all.
I have been following this forum for some weeks now, and found the information extremely helpful. My husband is a 62 year old type 1 diabetic who has been showing increasing symptoms of PD and we have a second appointment with the GP on Monday in the hope of a referral to hospital for assessment. If you have any advice for this important appointment, it would be most gratefully received. I thought now my be a good time to say hello.
Hello and welcome Claire.

Can't really say anything helpful about your GP meeting without knowing more about your husband's condition. All I can offer from my own experience is that when they stop making eye contact with you they have decided you have got it but are probably not going to say so until you have seen a specialist.
Good luck.
hi everyone, I was diagnosed with parkies in 2006, am on azelect and mirapexin, I have tremors in my left hand, which is slowly starting in my right, am also type2 diabetic on insulin.
I lead a fairly active life, play bowls when I can and try not to let my illness get me down
my user name is maesteg, I am from south wales
:smile:hiya clairebexhill,welcome to puk forum,im ali,been dx for 12 years,im 43 years old.im sorry your hubby is having problems,even with dibetic i do no how he feels,im type 2 which i no not as bad as 1 like your hubby ,but i deffo symertheze with him.as for pd,well it hard really,the spealist has to make that final clinical dx,and i wish him all the luck under the sun he is ok.your spealist mite sent him for a mri,or a dat scan,but usually at the very beginging it is clincly dx.:smile:good luck to both of you,and when you have a answer,please keep in touch with us,if huby id dx with pd,there be so much help here for you,good friends to be made,good surport.so good luck in the mean time x:smile:
hi ya maesteg,welcome to puk forum,im ali been dx 12 years,im 43.it good that you play bowls,it a relaxing game ,but also a challinging game,it is good for your posture and balance also,to try and retain it.as you bend over to control your balance etc.trrying to be positive bout things is a good thing,but alos as you may no there mite be those of days,we all get them im afraid.but here on puk forum the surport is there for you,good friends to be made,and great help also from the helpline at any time of the day:smile: